How to Climb Hills in Sand Land


    Sand Land has many markers on the map, which can be confusing; one of those markers is for hills. When you first encounter them, you think you can climb them, but it’s not that simple, which is why this guide will teach you how to climb hills in Sand Land.

    How can you climb hills and get the Jump Bot in Sand Land?

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    To climb hills, you will need to get a jumping robot and then uses his jumps to climb from rock to rock until he reaches the top. The first time I encountered hills was during the demo and I tried various sides and corners to find a way to climb them until my character said we needed a vehicle that could jump to climb them.

    Where to find a Jump Bot (vehicle) in Sand Land

    To get a Jump Bot in the full game, you must progress through the story until reach the city of Spinowhere Ana will tell you to get a Jump Bot frame. After completing the mission, you will get the frame and then you will have to get the remaining pieces.

    At first, I started scouring Sand Land to find these parts, but you can craft them in Spino Town; talk to Ann, and here you can Create Jump Bot parts in Parts>Create Parts>Jump Bot. Once you have created all the parts, ask Ann to assemble the robot and then you can equip it.

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    Now, go out into the world to find a hill, take out the Jump Bot to use its jumps and climb to the top of these hills. Usually, you will find some chests with some decent loot, such as materials and vehicle parts, and other times, there will be mineable ores that are useful for obtaining all types of minerals.

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