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    Phasmophobia has changed how some of the ghost-hunting equipment works in the Ascension update, reworking the DOTS projector entirely in the process. At first, I was a little surprised about how it works, but completing the new tutorial helped me use it properly. Here is how you can use the new DOTS light in Phasmophobia. 

    How the DOTS Light Works after Ascension – Phasmophobia

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    To use the new DOTS in Phasmophobia, pick it up and press the action button to turn the DOTS light on. Upon doing so, you will project a dotted light that helps you see the ghost. This only works with certain types of ghosts, so you won’t be able to see all of them with DOTS.

    To see the ghosts with it, you’ll have to use other tools to identify where the ghost likes to be in the house or map you are in. The thermometer is one of the best tools for this job, but it’s not limited to that, as some ghosts can’t be detected with it.

    Once you identify the ghost’s favorite place, try shining the DOTS light back and forth to see if you can see the ghost. 

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    What Ghosts can you Detect With DOTS?

    If you are wondering about what ghosts you can see with DOTS light, here is a list of them:

    All of these ghosts have unique methods you can use to identify them. As for dealing with them, the guides linked above will help you with that, ensuring no issues.

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