How to use Levitator to connect fuel tank pipes in Wuthering Waves


    In the Wuthering Waves exploration mission called We Promise, We Deliver, you must solve the fire-throwing puzzle by using the Levitator to connect the fuel tank pipes. It took me a few tries to figure this out, so follow the full tutorial below to connect all the pipes correctly.

    If you’ve already started the puzzle and are having trouble knowing what to do next, you can Please log in again to reset the puzzle. and follow this guide from the beginning.

    Wuthering Waves Use Levitator to Connect Fuel Tank Pipes – Fire Throwing Puzzle Solution

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Before you begin, be sure to equip the Levitator via the Utilities wheel (press and hold TAB on PC; press and hold the Utilities button on mobile). The Levitator controls are as follows:

    • Press the T or Utility button to pick up an object with the Levitator.
    • Press the E button (Resonance Skill Button) while levitating an object to rotate it.
    • Click the Basic Attack button throw the object or place it in its place.

    As you begin the puzzle, you will be in a room with the Exile Resonator, a fuel tank, and two broken pipes. It is a central room with doors leading to two other rooms at opposite ends. For clarity, we will call this place Room A.

    Start by lifting the vertical tube with the Levitator. Rotate the tube once so its orientation changes to horizontal, then place it in the blank space between the tubes next to the fuel tank. Doing so will complete the first connection and trigger a short cutscene.

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    Then, head to the room next to the Exile Resonator. We will call this place Room B.

    Head to the edge of the room and grab the L-shaped pipe, then drop it into the blank space with the glowing blue connector. Without turning, the pipe should connect to the left side, as shown in the second image in the slideshow above.

    Then, on the opposite side of the room, take the second L-shaped pipe with the Levitator. You must carefully carry the pipe to the other room on the opposite side of Room A. We will call the place Room C. As soon as you enter Room C, drop the pipe to connect the two segments, as shown in the third photo above.

    While you’re still inside Room C, pick up the vertical pipe with the Levitator. This time, you need to take the standpipe to Room B. Rotate the standpipe so it changes orientation, then drop it between the pipes at the entrance to Room B to connect them. A small scene of the fire burning above should play.

    Finally, return to Room A to collect the last L-shaped tube with the Levitator. Take it to Room C, turn it once so it faces right, then use it to connect the last two segments. The exact position is shown in the second image above. Releasing the last pipe will activate another small scene, completing the objective.

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