How to get all the tokens in Roblox The Classic


    Earning tokens is crucial to get all the exclusive rewards in Roblox The Classic. This can only be achieved by successfully completing all quests associated with tokens in each participating experience in Roblox The Classic. Here is a list of all the quests that will reward you with tokens in the ongoing event.

    Roblox The Classic Token Quest Guide

    Below I list all the missions in the games that provide tokens for the event.

    All symbolic missions in A Dusty Journey

    • Sheet 1: Reach 2000 m and kill all five Killbots.
    • Sheet 2: Reach 4000 m and jump over the bridge.
    • Sheet 3: Reach 6000 m and kill the ten pirates.
    • Sheet 4: Reach 8000 m and kill all the zombies in the place.
    • Sheet 5: Reach 10000 m and eliminate the enemy boss 1x1x1x1

    All token missions in Adopt Me

    Talk to the Nooburt NPC in the gift display area. He will give you a pet called a Classic Teapot. Equip this pet and take care of its needs, such as eating, bathing and feeding, until you pass the five stages: Junior, Pre-adolescent, Adolescent, Post-adolescent and Adult. For passing each stage, you will get one token and you will receive the five tokens when he becomes an adult.

    All token missions in the Arsenal

    • Sheet 1: Complete a race within Arsenal Classic mode.
    • Sheet 2– Complete a race under 12 minutes in Arsenal Classic mode. It is better to invite friends for this mission.
    • Sheet 3: Complete a solo race within Arsenal Classic mode.
    • Sheet 4– Complete a race using only a pistol in Arsenal Classic mode.
    • Sheet 5: Collect all 10 Tix in Arsenal Classic mode

    All token missions in Beeswarm Simulator

    Enter Beeswarm Simulator and enter Retro Swarm Challenge. This is the newly added game mode for The Classic Event. Once inside the mode, split into teams of 4 and protect your hive from waves of in-game zombies. For every two rounds you survive, you will get one token. Then, survive ten rounds to get the 5 experience tokens.

    All token quests in Bedwars

    • Sheet 1: Defeat wave 3 in the Penguin Survival game mode.
    • Sheet 2: Defeat wave 6 in the Penguin Survival game mode.
    • Sheet 3: Defeat wave 8 in the Penguin Survival game mode.
    • Sheet 4: Defeat wave 9 in the Penguin Survival game mode.
    • Sheet 5: Survive and win the Penguin Survival game mode.

    All token missions in Blade Ball

    Jump inside Blade Ball and fight the 1x1x1x1 boss on any classic map. After defeating him, you will get Bloxy Cola as a reward. Grab this Bloxy Cola and exchange it for 1 Robox Token in the in-game store. Then, defeat the boss five times to get the 5 game tokens.

    All token missions in Clip It

    • Sheet 1: Find John Doe in the game and make a video with him.
    • Sheet 2: Find Jane Doe in the game and make a video with her.
    • Sheet 3: Find Builderman in the game and make a video with him.
    • Sheet 4: Find Telamon in the game and make a video with him.
    • Sheet 5: Find 1x1x1x1 in the game and make a video with it.

    All token quests in Dragon Adventures

    Of all the games on the list, getting all the tokens is a completely random task in Dragon Adventures. First, enter one of the five classic maps: Origins, Grasslands, Jungle, Volcano and Tundra.

    Here, you must get on your dragon and explore the world until you find the classic white Roblox egg. Once you see them, hatch them in a pot like each egg to get 1 Token. Keep exploring these worlds until you find all the tiles.

    All token missions in Dress to Impress

    Collecting tokens in Dress to Impress is easy. Enter the new lobby from the lobby and complete the walkthrough to locate the 5 Roblox tokens along the way.

    All token missions in Driving Empire

    Unlocking tokens in Driving Empire differs from other games as all tokens are available in a battle pass-like system. Therefore, you must complete random missions on the map, earn XP points and obtain the 5 tokens. You need exactly 500 XP to get all five tokens. I recommend competing against the builder, which provides around 50 XP. Then, play the race repeatedly ten or more times to unlock all the game tiles.

    All token missions in Gunfight Arena

    • Sheet 1: Get 50 tags with the paintball gun.
    • Sheet 2: Get 25 tags with the slingshot
    • Sheet 3: Get 25 tags with the Superball
    • Sheet 4: Get 50 tags with the bomb.
    • Sheet 5: Get 100 tags with the rocket launcher

    All token quests in Livetopia

    In Livetopia, getting Tokens is easy. Visit Livtopia supermarket and take up the delivery task. Collect all the items on the list and complete three deliveries to earn 1 Robox Tokens. So, make 15 deliveries to get the 5 game tokens.

    All token missions in Restaurant Tycoon 2

    To get the 5 Robox tokens from Restaurant Tycoon 2, you just need to feed the customers according to their needs. Over time, random customers will drop one Token at a time. So, continue feeding and serving your customers until you get all 5 experience tokens.

    All symbolic missions in the defense of the bath tower

    • Sheet 1: Beat the easy difficulty on the Crossroads map
    • Sheet 2: Earn 200 coins within the Crossroads map.
    • Sheet 3: Beat the medium difficulty on the Crossroads map.
    • Sheet 4: Defeat 1000 baths.
    • Sheet 5: Defeat 1000 Baths using the Classic Cameraman.

    All token missions in Tower Defense Simulator

    • Sheet 1: Survive the candy cane map
    • Sheet 2: Survive the winter map
    • Sheet 3: Survive forest camp map
    • Sheet 4: Survive the island chaos map
    • Sheet 5: Survive the castle map

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