How to use Levitator to burn the explosively charged spines in Wuthering Waves


    In the Wuthering Waves main quest called Echoing Marche, you must get rid of the thorns blocking the beacon using a levitator. Below I explain all the PC and mobile controls to help you switch to the Levitator using the Utility Wheel and how to use it to burn the thorns.

    Use Levitator to burn the thorns with Explosive Charge – Stormy Waves

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    Before starting the puzzle, open the Utility Wheel by doing pressing and holding the TAB button on PC either holding down the Utility button on mobile Doing so will allow you to choose from various items to place on the Utility button (T for PC), which you can use to interact with different types of objects as you explore the world. In this case, choose the Levitator.

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    After choosing the Levitator, head to the area. behind the thorns surrounding the path to the right. Stand next to the giant red flower, which is an explosive charge. Interact with it using the Levitator (T for PC; click the button at the bottom right of the screen for mobile) to make the explosive charge float.

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    Next, hold down the G button on PC and direct the camera angle so that the spines are encapsulated by an orange barrier, which indicates the target area. You can do the same on mobile by simply pressing and holding the target area. Release to launch the Explosive Charge and force the thorns to burn, unlocking the Beacon so you can proceed to repair it.

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