How to Fix Line 258 Fatal Error in Wuthering Waves


    If you are launching Wuthering Waves for the first time, there is a chance that you will encounter the Line 258 fatal error before entering Solaris-3. Here are some ways to fix it and why it happens in the first place.

    How to resolve Wuthering Waves line 258 fatal error

    At the moment, no one knows exactly what causes the fatal error on line 258.only what happens on pc. Players attribute this to poor optimizations. After all, we have high-spec PC users encountering this (along with 1012 and 1319).

    If you absolutely want to get into the game now, I highly recommend you start the game on your phone.. Our team has found no bugs so far in mobile executions. These are the settings we use for Wuthering Waves on mobile devices.

    Still, if you can’t stand the small screen and low FPS, here are some things you can try:

    Reinstall the game

    It’s strange, but if you pre-registered for the game and downloaded it days before launch, you may not have gotten the full file. Uninstall and download the game to your launcher or device and see if it bypasses the Enter Solaris-3 screen.

    Upgrade your graphics card

    While it’s no excuse for games NOT to run on an “outdated” GPU, this is one way to try to get into the game as it is now.

    Wait for a patch

    Kuro has already started releasing patches to address “accidents” on the platform. Android, for example, already had a pre-release. Once they find the same errors caused by PCs, they will surely be aware of everything.

    You can also report the bug to Kuro Games so they can hopefully fix it as soon as possible.

    For more help with Wuthering Waves, check out the Wuthering Waves banner history here on MyFullGames.

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