All Thwomp Trivia Answers in Paper Mario TTYD (2024)


    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Remake has a variety of puzzles, battle systems, and more that you’ll need to master to win, and one of them is a variety-style trivia show against a Thwomp. Luckily for you, we have the answers to defeat this big, blocky guy.

    In addition to better visuals and updates to work on Switch, TTYD has had other small changes. One of them is the answers to Thwomp’s trivia quiz; You can find it in the last section of Shhwonk Fortress. Thwomp will ask you seven questions and you must answer at least five of them correctly. If you don’t, you’ll have to face the Thwomp in battle. NOTE: This list may be incomplete and will be updated if new questions are found.

    Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door Remake Thwomp Trivia Answers

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    • What’s in the forest?
    • How much are a ____ and a ____ at the Petalburg store?
      • Varies (see section below for prices on all items)
    • What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?
    • Where is the Crystal Star?
    • How do I get from Rogueport to Petal Meadows?
    • Which of the following characters can be found in Petalburg?
    • What numerical question is this?

    All items in the Petalburg store and their prices in Paper Mario TTYD

    Since one of the trivia questions Thwomp will ask has to do with the prices of items at the Petalburg store, you can find all of the store’s prices below. NOTE: These are the prices for the original GameCube release and may have changed in the new version. This article will be updated if changes have been made.

    • shell of courage: 5 coins
    • Flower of fire: 8 coins
    • honey syrup: 5 coins
    • Mr. Softener: 8 coins
    • Mushroom: 4 coins
    • A block of prisoners of war: 5 coins

    The original GameCube Paper Mario TTYD question

    Image via Mario Wiki

    If you’re playing the original TTYD on GameCube, it has slightly different answers to the trivia questions. Here are the original questions and answers to help you in this section.

    • What is hidden in this place?
    • How much do a ____ and a ____ cost at the Petalburg Item Shop?
    • What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?
    • Where is the Crystal Star?
    • How do I get from Petalburg Meadows to Rogueport?
    • Which of these following creatures has hands?
    • What numerical question is this?

    For more information on Paper Mario, see How tall is Paper Mario? in professional game guides.

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