How to use camouflage in Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man 2 features Peter Parker and Miles Morales behind Spider-Man’s ever-changing suit. Each character has their own abilities, including Miles’ cloaking power.

    Using Camouflage can be confusing if you are used to Peter’s abilities and skills. Fortunately, I already know how to use camouflage in Spider-Man 2.

    How to activate Camouflage as Miles in Spider-Man 2

    Miles has access to the Camouflage skill and can activate it by pressing Up on the D-pad. Wearing camouflage makes Miles invisible and allows him to be more stealthy. While you find a tutorial that teaches you how to use Camouflage, you can activate it before this point in the game.

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    You can only remain cloaked while your meter is full. once you camouflage meter is over, you will be visible again; Make sure you are out of sight when the camouflage wears off. Camouflage recharges while you are not using it.

    I like to use camouflage to reconnoiter an area and make precise attacks on enemies. Performing hanger takedowns while invisible is a powerful tool, especially when you’re in an area with a lot of enemies. You can also use camouflage to attack enemies for a devastating initial attack.

    Camouflage is just one of Miles’ abilities and a small part of the abilities, skills, gadgets, and suit technology available to both Peter and Miles. Using camouflage and other abilities in your combos and playstyle gives you an advantage over lane villains and bosses, so try them all to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to turn invisible with Camouflage and run away if the odds are too overwhelming!

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