Super Mario Wonder motion controls, explained


    One major category in which Super Mario Wonder scores well is ease of use. It is a very easy game to learn and play without having to look for too many controls. That said, the game never really explains what motion controls are, although they are an option in the game’s settings. This is how you can use the motion controls.

    What are motion controls in Super Mario Wonder?

    Motion controls are an alternative way to control the character in Super Mario Wonder. They mainly affect how characters like Mario use their Spin Jump. To perform a Spin Jump, players can simply shake their controller. The same goes for a Spin Jump in the air, which gives the character an extra boost while in the air.

    Both actions can also be performed with buttons on the controller. You can press R or ZR to perform a spin jump either on the ground or in the air. Since these actions can be performed simply with the controller, some prefer to have Montion controls disabled.

    To do this, simply head to Settings and turn off the controls. Here’s how to do this:

    • Press the + button to open the menu.
    • Click Settings, located at the bottom of the screen.
    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Go to the Motion Controls tab
    • Move the joystick left or right to turn motion controls on or off.

    It also seems that these controls only apply to those who play with joy-cons. If you’re playing with the Switch undocked or on the Switch Lite, motion controls don’t apply.

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