How to make the Spider-Man pointing meme in Spider-Man 2


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    Spider-Man created one of the best memes of all time, and the crazy people at Insomniac recreated it in Spider-Man 2. I’m talking about the iconic Spider-Man meme he points out.

    Recreating the meme of Spider-Man targeting another Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2 takes a bit of work; It’s pretty easy for our spider heroes! Here’s how to make the Spider-Man pointing meme in Spider-Man 2.

    How to recreate the Spider-Man pointing meme in Spider-Man 2

    To recreate and make the famous Spider-Man pointing meme in Spider-Man 2, you must find the other Spider-Man. If you are Peter, you must locate Miles and vice versa if you play as Miles. Approach the other Spider-Man and press the triangle button when the message appears. If you’re lucky, Miles and Peter will do the pointing meme.

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    He It seems that the action they do is random.; The first time I met my partner Spider-Man, they just hugged each other awkwardly. On my second encounter, I made it and RNG blessed me with the Spider-Man pointing meme, even capturing it in the reflection behind Peter and Miles. Using the best visual settings makes this moment even better!

    While playing, I didn’t discover a specific way to locate the other Spider-Man. So far my encounters have been random, but they both occurred when I went to an activity that appeared on my HUD. It seems like you have a better chance of meeting the other Spider-Man. I tried putting Peter in a specific location and then going there as Miles, but unfortunately, there was only one Spider-Man in the scene.

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