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    Prepare your bags, pillowcases and buckets, it’s time to collect candy! On October 5, 2023, Adopt me! launched his Halloween begins update, which brought a new island aesthetic, fun and engaging mini-games and, of course, limited-time pets (all of them scared for the occasion). While the Halloween event is active, players can earn an exclusive Candy Coin, which can then be used to unlock said Halloween pets. One of the ways you can earn candy is by trick-or-treating, which is detailed in the short guide below.

    How to trick or treat houses in Adopt Me!

    For a limited time only, you can trick or treat a player’s house by approaching the candy bucket outside and pressing my. Every time you manage to cheat or treat a player’s house, you will collect fifteen Candy pieces, and the owner of the house will receive 15 pieces in return.

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    Once you have cheated or treated a house, its cube will darken and become empty, indicating that it cannot be used again. You can cheat or treat a total of 47 houses each day, no matter how many different servers you join!

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    If you have a full server and all players participate in trick or treating, you could win a total of 1,410 sweets per day trick or treat only – talk about candy!


    That’s all for this quick guide on how to trick-or-treat in Adopt Me!. Remember, if you’re hoping to unlock any of the special Halloween pets, you’ll need to collect plenty of candy fast, so be sure to trick-or-treat as often as you can and play those mini-games!

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