How to increase soil fertility in Manor Lords


    There are many factors to ensure your kingdom in Manor Lords prospers, and one of the most crucial is farming. A constant crop rotation provides food for your citizens and strengthens your markets, so it’s important to keep an eye on soil fertility. Nobody likes famine, so here’s our handy guide on how to increase soil fertility in Manor Lords.

    How to restore soil fertility to your farm in Manor Lords

    When it comes to farming in Manor Lords, the soil fertility in a field tends to decline rapidly with each harvest. Fortunately, there are a couple different methods to help restore that fertility and get your farm back to producing the food your town needs.

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    The first method is by enabling crop rotation in a specific field that you have placed. After a harvest, the field will be designated as Fallow for at least one annual cycle, time during which crops are not grown. This gives the soil time to restore lost fertility.

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    The second method of restoring soil fertility is by using ‘Fence up’ characteristic (as seen above) in an established crop field. This allows you to temporarily use a fallow field as pasture for livestock. Between the two, it is the fastest way to restore lost fertility.

    However, to do this you first need to have the ‘Fertilization’ perk unlocked in the agriculture section of the Development branch. You will also need 5 plankswhich can be made by taking wood to a Sawpit.

    Above all, Make sure you build and plant your crop fields in an area suitable for a particular crop. You can always check the soil fertility of an area for wheat, flax or barley by looking at the Overlay system. If the area is yellow or green, it is suitable for growing crops. If it is orange or red, you should avoid planting anything there.

    This concludes our guide on how to increase soil fertility in Manor Lords. We hope you found this helpful and let us know how your farming experience in the game has been so far.

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