How to Increase Bonding Level Quickly in Wuthering Waves


    Union Level is the equivalent of your Wuthering Waves account level, which you need to level up to unlock progression blockers and increase your SOL3 phase, allowing you to increase your Resonator levels and unlock more difficult content. These are all the ways you can accumulate Union EXP to progress quickly in WuWa.

    How to farm Union EXP in Wuthering Waves


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    You can get a lot of free Union EXP by completing Missions. You can activate quests by talking to NPCs with a blue exclamation point on their head or by checking the quest menu for new entries. Completing any type of mission will reward you with a ton of Union EXP. The side stories are a little long but will give you the most EXP.

    Spend wave plates

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    Any activity that costs Waveplates (Resin/Energy) will reward you with Union EXP proportional to the number of Waveplates spent. The rate is 300 Union EXP for every 40 Waveplates you spend The image above illustrates the location of the simulation training in Jinzhou, but the reward is not limited to this area. Anything that costs Waveplates, be it crafting, collecting weekly boss rewards, etc., will always reward you with a fixed amount of Union EXP.

    Since Waveplates can only be replenished by waiting (a Waveplate replenishes every six minutes in real time) or by spending Astrites, I encourage you to always use your Waveplates whenever possible.


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    Open the Guide via the Terminal or the icon at the top right of the screen, then head to the Milestones section shown above. At the beginning of the game, there will be a ton of milestones available for you to complete, some of which will reward you with a considerable chunk of Union EXP.

    Daily activity)

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Open the Guide via the Terminal or the icon at the top right of the screen, then head to the Activity page to find a list of annoying journals that will plague you for the rest of your journey with WuWa. The good thing is that reaching the Acitivy Point milestones will reward you with a total of 2000 Union EXP per day. Don’t forget to claim them manually before the daily server restart, or they will not be credited to your account.

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