The local holiday cheers with the Chirpy Chip cover that I wanted for Christmas is You



    If you didn’t rely on the music for Mariah Carreys, I want You, just when I was shopping on your local store, you can listen to a Inkling-afied version of that song by YouTube channel Moola Mixtape. They have some Splatoon songs, and also some Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Sonic the Hedgehog and Earthbound titles in their library. With all of that in mind I wanted you for Christmas, so we wonder what would be the worst price this holiday has ever been for all. Is there a Splat Duality? Is it maybe a Reef Slider? We’re happy we didn’t have to pay off those items.

    It is simply an attempt to keep people around arguing capitalism lives up for the benefit of terrorism by this song in the Splatoon world around Christmas. Imagine a Christmas Splatfest where Deep Cut is holding party and parading to this playing in Splatsville. Now we just need the blacked version of songs like Blue Christmas, Holly Jolly Christmas and anything else you like to listen to around this time of year. While anybody working at a mall might not want to say anything about this song, Splatoon continues to express their love for the franchise.

    If you loved the Chirpy Chips version of All That I Need for Christmas is You, you can follow us on Twitter. Given the recent popularity of this song, we would guess there’s good chance of one more interesting cover for the Splatoon world to come out in the future. If you’re musically gifted as a person, they have a lot more chance of being a singer.

    Hey! Now that there’s a lot more people out there I wanted to ask you guys for againany vocalists out there who could be in the future, or who could’ve had some disagreements? RTs appreciated, in return you can have this instrumental wip im cookin you probably know the song #Splatoon3

    Moola (@MoolaMixtape) December 19, 2022



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