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    A Universal Time is a Roblox RPG inspired by the popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series. As such, players are drawn into a world filled with unique locations, enemies, Stands, and powerful bosses. Taking down bosses in the game is a great way to unlock new Stands. However, in my experience, these bosses can be quite difficult to hunt down. Such is the case with Umbra (Boss), who is inspired by Vholran Igniseri from Tales of Arise, and turns out to be one of the most difficult opponents to beat. In this guide, I will tell you how you can spawn Umbra (Boss) in A Universal Time.

    How to summon Umbra (Boss) in A Universal Time (AUT)

    Umbra can be summoned in a number of different ways in A Universal Time. The first and easiest method to summon Umbra is by interacting with the boss spawner in it Domain. The Domain can be accessed by entering the cave located near the waterfall soccer field towards the outer edges of the city. Enter the cave and interact with the sword inside to enter the Domain. Once there, interact with the Boss Spawner in the middle of the arena, then select Umbra. you will require 250,000 uCoins to summon Umbra.

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    The oldest method of summoning Umbra involves the use of a cursed orband a tales of the universe in the Cave Generator. However, obtaining cursed orbs as well as Tales of The Universe can be a tedious and lengthy process. Therefore, I suggest just summoning Umbra from the Boss Spawner in the Domain for 250,000 uCoins. Alternatively, players can also purchase the Spawn Umbra item from the in-game store for 250 Robux.

    Where to find Umbra (NPC) in A Universal Time (AUT)

    Besides Umbra (Boss), there is also an NPC named Umbra. He is in the mountain town located behind the waterfall soccer field. By interacting with it, players can obtain the quest known as sword mastercompleting which gives you a 50-50 chance of getting Yasuoeither one. Completing this quest requires you to defeat 20 Thugs, collect 50,000 uCoins and defeat Umbra (Boss).

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