Where to Fish for Amur Catfish in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life



    Fishing is a staple of many RPG-style games, from farming sims to MMORPGs, and SOS: A Wonderful Life is no different. Just like in real life, I find it a great way to spend some time with the beautiful views and the occasional relaxation rudely interrupted by a real fish. But while some fish are easy to come by, others are much rarer. So if you want to know where and how to catch the Amur fish in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, keep reading.

    Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life – How to Get Amur Catfish

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    The simple answer is that to catch an Amur catfish you need to fish in the turtle pond with a copper fishing rod. You’ll find Turtle Pond (pictured) east of Gordy’s Workshop and north of the gap, just behind the Lei-Over Inn. But the trickiest part is getting a copper fishing rod.

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    You are going to have to grind your fishing quite a bit before you can upgrade your fishing rod. This means that you you need to have caught at least 200 fish which I didn’t achieve until the beginning of year 2. Then you should have 1,000G to buy it from Van when he’s in town. While it might take you a while, this is just the first upgrade so it’s not too difficult (although it will take a while until you get a blessed fishing rod).

    Amur Catfish Guide

    Once you can catch Amur catfish, you can use it for the following:

    • Bulletin Board Request: Mustachioed fish wanted (Year 2)
    • Bulletin Board Request: catfish’s meow (Year 3)
    • Recipe: Kabayaki Grilled Fish
    • Recipe: sashimi
    • Recipe: Fish stew
    • Recipe: carpaccio

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