Genshin Impact Daiya Three Day Dream World Quests Guide


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    The Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise event is taking place from July 5th, 2023, to August 16, 2023, allowing you to explore Veluriyam Mirage for a limited time. In this exciting new area, you can complete quests and loot chests that will disappear after the event period, so I recommend playing this area when you have time. One of the limited-time quests is called Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie, which involves taking part in a series of plays orchestrated by Hydro Eidolons.

    How to Unlock Daiya’s Three Day Dream World Quest in Genshin Impact

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    To unlock Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie, you must first complete Secret Summer Paradise: Part III – Dreams and First Encounters!, which will unlock the Thinkers’ Theater in Veluriyam Mirage. Once this is done, head to the Thinkers’ Theater to automatically find a blue exclamation point (it will only appear if you are nearby). Follow him to accept the speaker mission.

    How to complete Daiya’s three-day dream world quest in Genshin Impact

    After speaking to the speaker, Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie will be split into three subquests, all of which must be completed within any order before you can continue with the main quest:

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    After completing all three side quests, you will be required to go to the broadcast station. Start by following the quest navigator to the small clearing with a Hydro Eidolon. Its exact location is circled in the image above. Once you’re there, look for to find four-leaf seals, which you must use to propel yourself up.

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    Once you’re on the top platform, follow the wooden path up to find a house. Get into the house, which serves as the broadcast station at Veluriyam Mirage. Inside, approach the bright spot to start the dialogue with Paimon.

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    After the dialogue with Paimon, an entrance to the basement will appear. Go down the wooden stairs to trigger a scene and dialogue. Once this is done, jump into the clearing with Hydro Eidolons to start the dialogue and complete World Quest. Don’t forget to loot your luxury chest prize.

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