How to Solve Magnetic Cube Puzzles in Wuthering Waves


    The world of Wuthering Waves is filled with many rewarding mysteries and puzzles, and one of them is the magnetic cubes, which can be difficult to solve and understand when you first encounter them. This guide will teach you how to solve the Magnetic Cube puzzles in Wuthering Waves.

    What to do with the Magnetic Cube puzzles in Wuthering


    When I came across one of these magnetic cubes, I didn’t know what to do or how to move the cube. After following the tutorial and using the computer near the puzzles, I finally thought I had to place the Magnetic Cube on the highlighted mosaic to solve it and get the rewards.

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    There is two types of Magnetic Cube puzzles in the world of Wuthering Waves and the first one is with locks. This one is complicated because there will be a computer fence that you can use to control the force fields between titles that prevent you from moving the cube.

    To solve them, you need to figure out when to lock which tiles to get the magnetic cube to the highlighted tile. The other type of Magnetic Cube puzzle you will find does not have any force field and is easy to solve, where you have to move the cube between titles to reach the highlight.

    How to move the magnetic cube in Wuthering Waves

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    At first, I was a little confused about how the cube would move as I looked for computers to control it, but all I had to do was hit the title from the opposite side of where I wanted to place it. You can use most of your characters’ basic attacks to move the cube.

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