Who is Scar in Wuthering Waves?


    Wuthering Waves is making a serious impact in the gacha scene, especially for its vibrant and diverse roster of characters on both sides of the battlefield. Among the most intriguing villains is a young man named Scar, a powerful adversary who has appeared in the game’s closed beta and promotional material. Here’s our handy guide to help you answer exactly who Scar is and whether you can play as him in Wuthering Waves.

    History of the scars in Stormy Waves

    Scar first meets the Rover (whether you choose male or female) in the early hours of Wuthering Waves. His personality is unabashedly brash and outspoken, and he is dressed in a bright red suit during their first fateful encounter. He accepts his reputation as a “cruel and twisted maniac”, but for the sake of his first meeting with the player, he remains calm, with other intentions in mind.

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    As the conversation develops, we discover that Scar is a member of the Fractsidusa mysterious organization whose purpose is to usher in humanity’s next stage of evolution by having them absorb the Cup Discords and undergo brutal transformations. The lamentGenerally perceived as a devastating apocalyptic event, it is seen by Scar and Fractsidus as a “self-regulating system of evolution” and a golden opportunity for humanity to be reborn and start anew, albeit more powerful.

    In an attempt to recruit the Rover, Scar uses a metaphorical story about a shepherd and his flock of lambs to describe the destiny of humanity and how he and the Rover are the rebellious “black lambs” destined to alter that destiny. Although the Rover rejects his attempts to indoctrinate him, Scar remains dedicated to following them on their journey, with a planned ulterior motive involving something known as the trenodian.

    Can you play as Scar in Wuthering Waves?

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    While Scar is encountered quite frequently throughout the story, His character is currently unplayable in Wuthering Waves. As disappointing as it may be, hints within his overall character design suggest that he could definitely be playable in the future, regardless of whether he’s a villain. His significant popularity within the Wuthering Waves community alone could see him land on the roster of playable characters. Until then, he’ll just have to remain one of the game’s most entertaining antagonists.

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