How to Set a Kill Bind in TF2


    Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular team multiplayer games on the market. Even years after its release, it continues to attract players every day, and I even jump on the game from time to time to have fun with my friends. During these sessions, my favorite thing to do with my friends in custom lobbies is to pop myself before they try to claim my death. The best part is that the animation to kill your avatar varies each time, providing some fun gameplay moments. To self-explode or self-terminate in TF2, you need to equip a Kill Bind key in the Advanced Settings menu.

    How to equip a Kill Bind in TF2

    To set up a Kill Bind key on TF2, follow the steps given.

    • Open Team Fortress 2 on your desktop and go to the main menu.
    • Click on the Options icon present at the bottom of the screen.
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    • In the Options window, choose the Advanced option.
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    • Enable developer console checking the checkbox. Select ok to save your settings.
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    • press the ~ tilde icon on your keyboard to open the developer console window.
    • In the input box, type the command bind wanted kill button either link wanted button explode. For example, if you want to equip X as your kill button, just type bind x kill either link x explode in the frame.
    Image from MyFullGames
    Image from MyFullGames
    • After typing the command, press the button deliver button to assign the key.

    Remember, both commands will instantly remove your character from the game. As the name suggests, the explode command will blow up your character, while the kill command will cause your avatar to get shot or collapse instantly.

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    What is a Kill Bind in TF2?

    As mentioned above, binding a key to kill or blow up your character on demand in TF2 is colloquially called a Kill Bind.

    What is the purpose of keeping Kill Bind in TF2?

    Aside from having fun in custom matches, the main reason players keep a killlink is to reset their team much faster on larger/longer maps. For example, if you are a solo player in the middle and most of your teammates are respawning, it is better to kill yourself to respawn along with your friends to reset.

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