All Exoprimal Game Modes, Explained


    After choosing from some of the best exosuits and determining which one is best for you, it’s time to get in the game. I love collaborating with other players in a class-based setting, and Exoprimal lets you do just that with 5v5 PVP and PVE matchmaking. However, within Dino Survival Matchmaking, there are also various types of game modes that are determined by your progress through the story. Take a look below for all the details on matchmaking and the game modes you can expect to see as you play!

    Can you play single player in Exoprimal?

    Even though Exoprimal is heavily influenced by the story with unique cutscenes and progression, no, the game does not have any single player mode. Every time you play, you will join a matchmaking system that will match you up within a 5v5 lobby. You will advance through the story and levels at your own pace, but you will cooperate with others to complete missions.

    How to play other game modes in Exoprimal

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    Dino Survival is the main way to play Exoprimal, which will match you up in a lobby with other players, allowing you to progress through the story and level up. However, each Dino Survival you join will have several Missions Game modes that will vary depending on where you are in the story. You can also customize the Quest game modes that are selected for you by choosing between three different types: pvp, Randomeither PvE. PVP means that you will face other players online together with your team, PVE means that you will only collaborate with other online players to take down the AIs, and Random will choose any of them randomly.

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    List of all Exoprimal game modes

    There are several Missions game modes that you will see every time you join Dino Survival. The type of mission you will play is mainly determined by where you are in the story. You can tell your progress by the scenes that will start after completing a mode. Take a look at the quest list below to be prepared for what you might face while playing the game:

    Special Missions

    These are rare cases of quests where you complete a task for Leviathan by following the story. It can be anything from defending a certain point to defeating a specific dinosaur.

    dinosaur sacrifice

    Dinosaur Cull is all about taking on enemy dinosaurs, specifically of an exact type, such as T. Rex, Triceratops, etc.

    dinosaur chase

    Dino Pursuit requires players to chase a target dino. However, the targeted dinosaur will continue to run away and move to different areas, which means that players must try to catch up and stop it as quickly as possible while other dinosaurs block its path.

    VTOL Defense

    This is a total defense mission game mode where players only need to defend a grounded VTOL from the waves of swarming dinosaurs.

    data key security

    Date Key Security works in a very similar way to capture flag modes. Each time you must escort an asset called the Data Key to a destination location and then defend it when it reaches its mark. Other teams can sabotage that process by taking down enemies or the data key while also defending their own data key progress.

    omega charge

    In Omega Charge, players have to destroy the target objects and clear the way using a special Omega Hammer weapon. The weapon charges up based on the number of dinosaurs the team destroys, giving them more power accordingly.

    energy taker

    In this Mission, players fight to absorb the energy found throughout the map. The goal is to get more energy than the other team. They can collect energy by claiming dropped energy or by knocking down other players to steal their energy.

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    Shooting guard

    Escort has players working as bodyguards, protecting NPC characters who are conducting an investigation. They must protect NPCs by defeating incoming enemies or approaching hazards.

    neo tyrannosaurus rex

    Neo T. Rex is the ultimate boss fight mode, where players must work together to defeat a mutated T. Rex. There are limited respawns available in this battle, which means players must do everything they can to survive and defeat the beast before that limit is reached.

    Vortex Sabotage

    Vortexer Sabotage is a portal destruction type mode that requires players to work together to shut down spawn portals that continuously spawn dinosaurs. They must do their best to keep the enemies at bay, take down the vortex shields, and then turn them off so the dinosaurs stop spawning.

    area defense

    Like VTOL Defense, this mode is all about defending an objective. You need to stay by that target device and protect it from the incoming dinosaur hordes. Staying close will allow you to repair it as it takes damage, but if it’s completely destroyed, you lose.

    uplink control

    Uplink Control works like zone capture mode, where players fight over who can control all zones at once. Standing in the Uplink zone will slowly capture it, but enemies and dinos can come and take it for themselves. Be the first time to capture all the uplinks to win.

    savage gauntlet

    Savage Gauntlet is the only mode that takes place outside of Dino Survival matchmaking. This is an endgame situation where you join an ultimate 5v5 competitive round where you battle for the fastest clear time in the entire world. Since it’s only available after completing the main story, you can expect it to be more difficult than the other game modes as well.

    These are all the types of game modes and missions that you can choose when playing Exoprimal. The 5v5 matchmaking process is truly unique, but it allows you to team up with some powerful friends or even make new friends as you progress through the story. What are your favorite modes to play?

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