White Trevally Guide – Dave the Diver


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    Of all the fish on Dave the Diver, White Trevally is not very difficult to catch. But since it’s tied to a quest in Dave the Diver, it’s an important fish to be aware of. That’s why we have all the essential information you need about fish.

    White Trevally Fishing Guide – Dave the Diver

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    Where can you find White Trevally in Dave the Diver?

    If you are looking to see some White Trevally while snorkeling you will need to travel down a bit. Between the depths of 50-130m, you can start to find White Trevally. They were relatively easy for me to spot, due to their markings. Look for the yellow fins and tailas well as their turquoise gradient Colorant.

    How to Catch White Trevally in Dave the Diver

    You don’t have to worry too much about catching White Trevally in Dave the Diver. they are it’s not hard to catchnor do they have the ability to cause any damage against you. Any weapon, harpoon or bomb it will work well for taking down a White Trevally.

    How to Breed White Trevally in Dave the Diver

    Once you’ve unlocked the fish farm, catching White Trevally when diving has a chance to catch White horse mackerel roe. If this happens, a white horse mackerel will appear at the fish farm. If you manage to get two White Trevallys on the farm, they will eventually multiply.

    White Trevally Recipes and Cooking

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    What can you do with White Trevally in Dave the Diver?

    I have found two different recipes that you can make with White Trevally at Dave the Diver. One is much simpler and more straightforward and the other is a bit more complicated (though mostly easy at the end of the day):

    • White horse mackerel sushi
    • White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke
      • white trevally
      • Kelp
      • Soy sauce

    How to get ingredients for White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke

    On a quest to get a dish for the reticent girl with a puppet visiting Bancho Sushi, you must gather various ingredients. The dish you need to make, White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke, requires White Trevally, Kelp, and Soy Sauce.

    • White Trevally can be caught in depths of 50-130mand can even be cultivated after the fish farm it is unlocked.
    • Algae can be trapped in depths of 50-130mbut you can also dispatch employees to get it.
    • Soy sauce has a random chance to appear in any red pots you find while diving. You also can Dispatch restaurant workers to find the ingredient.

    Can you take care of White Trevally in Dave the Diver?

    Since you can send employees to get a variety of restaurant items for you at Dave the Diver, you might be wondering if White Trevally is included. While this is a good question, the bad news is that cannot dispatch white horse mackerel. This is the case with all the fish in Dave the Diver.

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