How to refuel warp engines in Starstruck Vagabond


    What would a great simulation game like Starstruck Vagabond be without challenges? How to run out of fuel in your warp engines. Without fuel it is not possible to progress. So if you’re having trouble finding fuel or don’t know how to load it into your engines, this guide has you covered.

    How to find fuel in Starstruck Vagabond

    There are four different types of fuel you can use to refuel your warp engines in Starstruck Vagabond. Each of them can be found in different locations and has its pros and cons. So make sure you use the best fuel (and the amount of credits you have in your wallet).

    garbage balls

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    • Pro: This is the most economical way to refuel your boat, being completely free and in great abundance. After all, trash balls can be found floating almost anywhere you look.
    • Scam: There is a very small amount of fuel in each garbage ball, so it may take a long time to completely fill the tanks. Additionally, fuel collected this way contains the most debris, which will clog the fuel tank if you don’t clean it.

    Junk balls can be found floating in space while navigating between planets or other points of interest. You can deflect the fuel they contain by crashing into them. It sounds and looks terrifying, with chunks of gray space debris crashing into the front of your ship at sub-light speeds.

    Don’t worry though, as this doesn’t damage your ship; Just make sure what you crash into is a ball of scrap metal and not an asteroid, those suction cups will blow a hole in your hull as fast as you can gasp!

    Raw fuel minerals

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    • Pro: This is also free (hooray!). Although they are less abundant than garbage balls and you will actually have to land on a planet to collect them, they provide more fuel.
    • Cons: Although they clog tanks with less debris than trash balls, there is still a significant amount of debris per mineral.

    Raw combustible minerals can be found scattered across the surface or contained in brittle rocks on the surface of uncivilized planets. You’ll have to land, explore, find some, and transport them back to your cargo elevator. Your ship at the beginning of the game will be claustrophobically small, so if you’re already carrying a lot of cargo, you may not have room to carry more stuff on board.

    Deformed fuel cans

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    • Pro: They may occasionally be free, as described above. They have little waste and will provide a large amount of fuel in one go.
    • Scam: Where they are purchased, they are reasonably expensive.

    Warp fuel has been pre-refined and canned for your convenience. They can be found on abandoned objects floating in space, on crashed ships on the surface of planets, and purchased from merchants on civilized planets. They usually cost around 200 credits.

    Prime Warp Fuel Cans

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    • Pro: They will fill your tank to the brim in one go and won’t have that annoying residue that ruins operation.
    • Cons: The cost. By far the most expensive way to refuel.

    This is the good thing. The bumper crop of warp fuel. You can tell by the fancy star on the can. If they can be found in abandoned places and accident sites, then they are very rare. They must be purchased from a merchant on a civilized planet and usually cost around 400 credits.

    How to remove debris from your warp drive tanks

    The residue is represented by a brown bar within the green warp fuel bar. As debris grows, it leaves less room for actual fuel and causes the engine to run less efficiently, and can even cause damage that requires repair if left behind.

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    To remove the waste, select the red key from your tools, stand in front of the tank you want to clean next to the grate on the floor and hold space to open it. Be careful: once the tank is opened, precious fuel will spill out at an alarming rate. Be sure to tap the gap again the moment the residue has dropped to an acceptable level, preferably none.

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