CoD Fans Demonstrate the Horrible RGL-80 Problem in Hardcore


    Anyone who’s spent five minutes on Modern Warfare 3’s Hardcore playlist will have fallen victim to the RGL-80’s destructive payload or heard someone complain about it. However, a section of the player base has not witnessed the RGL-80 in action, so fans rallied to demonstrate just how ridiculous the weapon can be in Hardcore.

    Reddit user DrakonRax posted a video they created to show how devastating the RGL-80 can be. The video showed DrakonRax and his teammates equipping their grenade launchers and immediately after the round began, they threw an explosive charge at the opposing team until the round ended.

    The video highlights a real problem with the Hardcore game mode and further shows the lack of commitment from Activision. The RGL-80 issue has been ongoing for too long and needed Activision’s immediate intervention; However, the developers were silent for a long time.

    User FuzzyHotel6180 chimed in on the thread to express his relief at the upcoming nerf, saying, “I’m so glad this bitch is getting nerfed on Wednesday. There are so many cornballs about to see her KDs drop.” Wednesday the 29th is the launch of Warzone and MW3 Season 4, where Activision has promised to make adjustments to the RGL-80 specifically for Hardcore.

    Even those who haven’t experienced this grenade launcher in Hardcore have probably fallen victim to it on small maps like Shipment or Rust. While the RGL doesn’t have the same stopping power in Core modes, the screen shake and general disorientation are incredibly annoying.

    The comments in the thread agree with my opinion. My favorite is “I’d say essentially the damage is mediocre, but the screen shake is really absurd.”

    Surprisingly, some players, while agreeing that it was too strong, will miss the RGL-80 spam and find the whole ordeal fun. User Previous_Lab_3338 jumped on the thread and said: “This clip will be a gem when it fades into hardcore mode. Good riddance but god it was fun lol.”

    All in all, we just have to wait for the release of season 4 to hopefully say goodbye to this destructive weapon. However, we are talking about Activision. They’ve made some questionable and some downright terrible decisions over the years, but only time will tell.

    That’s all we have about the RGL-80 and its effect on Hardcore. If you’re looking for more Call of Duty content, check out the Black Ops 6 trailer, which is the light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been waiting for, MW3 Zombies, the ‘hottest third mode’ yet, minimal planned content, and more . in professional game guides.

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