Wuthering Waves Pity System: What is Pity, Soft Pity and More?


    Like most other gacha games out there, Wuthering Waves players must use a semi-random summon to obtain new characters. In WuWa, this system is called Summon and has a built-in pity system to help you get what you want from your summon.

    What is pity in stormy waves?

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    When you purchase a summon with Lustrous Tide in Wuthering Waves, you can use it to obtain a random character, item, or weapon in the game. In these types of random games, many have something called the pity system, which means that the odds of getting the best possible character or item in a gacha pull are not 100% random. Wuthering Waves has a pity system to prevent players from having too much bad luck.

    • For every 10 spins of the Convene system, you are guaranteed a four-star or better item. The base four-star drop rate in WuWa is six percent, and the average drop rate is 12 percent.
    • Five-star weapons and characters are guaranteed after 80 pulls., so you will see at least a five star in every 80 Summons. The standard drop rate for five stars is a little less than one percent, and the average drop rate is a little less than two percent.

    When you try to get a specific five-star weapon, you are 100% guaranteed weapon of choice After 80 pulls, you will be able to choose the weapon you want when a five-star pull has occurred. The characters, called Resonators in WuWa, are not 100% guaranteed to be the ones you want after 80 pulls; you only have warranty one of the possible five star characters after the 80th Summons.

    For example, if you get a five-star character from the Prevail the Last Night banner, you have a 50% chance that it will be Jiyan, the main character of that particular banner.

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    The only exception to this 80 pull rule is the Utterance of Marvels Wuthering Waves poster. This permanent banner offers a guarantee after only 50 spins, meaning it has slightly different Summon percentages than the limited-time banners. You are still guaranteed a four star drop after 10 pulls.

    • The four-star earning rate for Utterance of Marvels is approximately 6%.
    • The average four-star drop rate is almost 12%.
    • The five-star earn rate for Utterance of Marvels is just under 1%.
    • Average five-star drop rates are 2.4%.

    What is gentle pity in Wuthering Waves?

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    Soft Pity is a steep drop rate as you continue playing a game of Gatcha. This means that if, for example, you have a 1% drop rate for a five-star on your first draw, you may have a 1.1% drop rate for a five-star on your second draw if you are unsuccessful. in the first. . It means you have a slightly higher chance of getting a five star the more you get, and increases the average drop rate above the initial drop rate.

    Does Wuthering Waves have a gentle pity?

    Soft pity is not confirmed for Wuthering Waves right now. Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and similar titles, there is no official word for pity. The only reason we know about the soft pity systems for Honkai and Genshin is because fans collect data and calculate the soft pity system themselves. Once the WuWa pity system has been registered and improved, we will have more information about soft pity or lack thereof.

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