How to receive food at houses in Manor Lords


    Managing the city in Manor Lords can be a logistical nightmare unless you find a way to do everything perfectly. One challenge is knowing how to get the food to the Manor Lords’ homes. Everything revolves around the market.

    The most efficient way to receive food at Burgage Plots in Manor Lords

    The best way to deliver food to all Burgage plots (houses) in Manor Lords is to build them around the market, with the logistical help of at least two warehouses. The complicated thing is to have a construction plan for the settlement in advance. When you start building houses, keep in mind that you’ll need around 40 (and more!) at any given time.

    All houses obtain resources from the market, but Burgage Plots Those closest to the market will get the food first. Build a narrow market in the shape of a rectangle extending in a straight line with houses built on both sides. This way, you will have more Burgage Plots near the market instead of having them in the second or third row.

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    As your city grows, create another market on the outskirts of your settlement to take care of the houses on the outskirts of the city.

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    Building multiple warehouses and barns

    Having a large market will help food distribution, but only a limited number of food workers can go to the market. That’s where Storehouses comes to save the day. They will collect a surplus of items and open stalls in the market. Think of them as resellers who populate the market with stored products (not just food). Make sure you have enough updated warehouses with the maximum number of workers. The same goes for barns.

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