Fallout 4 ‘Echoes of the Past’ Enclave Quest Guide


    Fallout 4 has received a lot of love from Bethesda and fans since the launch of Fallout TV. Bethesda even decided to update some of the Fallout games with related content, including Fallout 4. One thing that was added was the “Echoes of the Past” quest. This is how you can start and complete the mission.

    How to start and complete ‘Echoes of the Past’ in Fallout 4

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    To begin the mission, you need to make sure you have the update downloaded for next-gen consoles. Once this is done, you will be able to enter the game and the mission will be automatically added to your missions. You will be tasked with finding a caravan that has been attacked by the Enclave. near Saugus blacksmith shop. You will discover that the quest marker takes you to a bridge covered in blood.

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    From there, you’ll just have to follow the blood until you find the caravan, which has unfortunately been killed by the Enclave. There will be a group of Enclave soldiers who will attack you here.so get ready for a fight.

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    Once they are taken care of, go to the terminal next to you and look for the option to download your Locator beacon frequency. This will allow you to track them and find out where their base is.

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    How to find the Enclave base

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    travel to Edge of the shining sea and turn on your radio to the broadcast called “Enclave Homing Beacon.” This will take you to the Atlantic Offices, which is west of the Edge of the Shining Sea. Upon entering the building, you will quickly realize that this is the base of the Enclave. They will start a blockade and all the soldiers in the area will come to attack you.

    You’ll want to clear the floor you’re on and then enter the door at the bottom of the steps. From there, you can drop into the hole and kill the colonel of the enclave.

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    The colonel will drop an item called “Enclave Terminal Password.” You’ll want to use this to access the terminal in the room next to it. There, you’ll learn that there are more Enclave camps, which you can add by researching to your quests.

    Select the option to end the lock, allowing you to leave the base. However, once you do this, you will hear a Vertibird heading towards your location and you will have to take care of it. Take the elevator to the roof to begin this part of the mission.

    How to destroy the Veltibird

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    Destroying the Veltibird will end the mission, but it’s not as easy as it seems. There will be several Enclave soldiers attacking you from around the base while some are inside the Veltibird. Your best bet is Eliminate the soldiers around you. and then focus on the Veltibird. You will not be able to eliminate it if the enemies around you kill you.

    Once they are taken care of, take out your strongest weapon and shoot the Verltibird until it crashes. This will end the mission and allow you to leave the past behind you.

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