How to play Zombie Royale Warzone The Haunting Halloween 2023


    Players always eagerly wait for the Halloween event in Call of Duty: Warzone every year. In 2023, The Haunting update introduces new challenges, rewards, and POI changes, but there is one returning feature that is arguably the most popular BR game mode: Zombie Royale.

    How does Zombie Royale work in Warzone?

    Zombie Royale is a Trios Battle Royale game mode launching on November 20 in CoD Warzone for a limited time. It will be played on the Al Mazrah night map with a maximum player count of 100. In Zombie Royale, players enter the map as living operators, but upon death, they transform into undead zombies with special power-ups.

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    As a zombie, your goal is to get vials to redeploy as an operator. These vials are mainly dropped by eliminated operators. I remember that in previous iterations of Zombie Royale, the powers available to zombies were charged jump and EMP blast, similar to what you may have seen recently during The Boys collaboration. I will update this guide with relevant information once the mode actually drops.

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