How to get all the skins in Festival of the Lost 2023 – Destiny 2


    One of the most fun aspects of Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is wearing clearly crafted skins. These masks are decorations attached to the helmets given by Eva Levante in the Tower and allow the Guardians to acquire the precious Candy coin. Dozens have been made available over the years and eight more will be added in 2023. Here’s how to add each and every one of them to your collection. Just be sure to use Calus while you show him what’s in the Lightfall campaign.

    Destiny 2 – Festival of the Lost Masks 2023

    Calus Mask

    Ah, if only the Guardians could take on an appearance as resplendent and lively as the former Emperor Calus. To carry this tribute, Guardians must complete the Occult Ritual Event Challenge which requires completing ritual activities (raids, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches).

    Clovis Bray Mask

    To don Clovis Bray’s much smaller head, Guardians must complete the Cryptozoologist Event Challenge. This one is super simple since it’s part of the introductory event quest. Simply use some Manifested Pages to restore a chapter of the book “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”.

    Disciple Mask

    Guardians can add Rhulk’s face to their mask collection by visiting the Eververse and spending 300 silver coins.

    Good boy Mask

    Arcángel, the best of the robo boys, has arrived in all his masked splendor. For just 300 silver coins, Guardians can pretend to be just as handsome.

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    Mara Sov Mask

    To really scare Petra Venj, Guardians can add the Mask of Mara Sov to their collection. After completing enough Enchanted Sectors, the Happy Haunting Ground Event Challenge will be complete, and the mask will be yours.

    Nimbus mask

    I’m not sure why you would want this skin, but getting it is relatively easy. He Hocus Focus Event Challenge Task the Guardians with focusing a mysterious engram. These are obtained from Enchanted Sectors and can be focused through Eva Levante in the Tower.

    Pouka Mask

    First teased in Beyond Light and then finally revealed in Lightfall, Pouka are adorable robot fish that swim in the air. In order to swim with Pouka, Guardians must complete the Candy Corner Event Challenge which requires collecting 15,000 candies from the activities.

    Tormentor Mask

    To become truly terrifying, Guardians must complete the Heads Will Roll Event Challenge. After killing 100 Headless in Haunted Sectors, Guardians can add the Mask of Tormentor to their collection.

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