How to play War mode in MW3


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reintroduces the popular War Mode from World War II (2017). If you have forgotten how to play this game mode or are new to the game, I have all the information to get you prepared.

    How does War Mode work in Modern Warfare 3?

    War Mode is a 6v6 respawnable game mode where the attacking team must complete different objectives while the defenders try to stop them. A game can last a long time depending on how the attackers are working on the objectives, which are:

    1. Capture and hold anti-aircraft sites.
    2. Escort the tank to the launch facility.
    3. Load overrides to launch consoles

    Capture and hold anti-aircraft sites.

    When the match begins, the attackers’ first objective is to capture two AA sites within four minutes. To capture a position, you must stay within the marked target area, just like in the Domination game mode. Make sure there are no enemies within the area; Otherwise, the objective will be contested and you will not be able to capture it.

    Capture the Sam site (first image) and the radar (second image) one after another to move on to the next target. As defenders, you must try to prevent the enemies from capturing the objectives. I suggest building walls, covers and marked points to slow down attackers, but they can easily break them by placing a charge on them.

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    Escort the tank to the launch facility.

    If the attacking team is successful, they will be tasked with escorting a tank along a predetermined path while attempting to reach the launch facility within six minutes. To move the tank forward, stay close to it or sit in the gunner’s seat and use the turret. Defenders can stop the tank by building blockades (second image) or keeping attackers away from the vehicle.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Remember that the tank does not take any damage, so there is no point in shooting it. As the attacker, you must clear the way to further escort the tank. I recommend using a smoke grenade as cover before placing the charge on the blockade. Once you reach the launch facility, jump across the missile silo to enter the bunker.

    Load overrides to launch consoles

    Your ultimate goal is to hack the two launch consoles inside the underground facility within five minutes. Go to a console and hold the interact button to load the override (second image). Then you must protect it and prevent the defenders from disabling the override.

    Once the progress bar fills and the cheat has loaded, go to the next console and repeat the process. The victory screen will appear if you succeed, but that’s not the end. Now the positions will be exchanged and you will have to defend the objectives from the attackers. This is War Mode for you.

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