Nintendo has indicated that it will continue broad Switch support even after the release of new general hardware.


    Nintendo isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the Switch, its second best-selling console of all time. According to a new financial briefing from the company, it apparently plans to support the Switch long after the rumored new-gen hardware launches next year.

    It’s been a big week for Nintendo, with the company revealing that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the fastest-selling Super Mario game in the series and that a live-action Legend of Zelda movie is on the way. We also learned yesterday that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4 for the Switch have sold 132 million units which are great results. Forward.

    The Nintendo Switch will enter its eighth year in March 2024. Financial briefing reads “We will continue to release new titles and content for Nintendo Switch without being bound by the traditional concept of platform lifecycle.”

    That last line above indicates that Nintendo may continue to support the Switch even after the release of its next console. That’s not too surprising, considering the Switch has sold so well, continues to sell well every fiscal quarter, and has a string of stellar releases in the future including Paper Mario: The Also included is a remake of Thousand Year Door.

    Nintendo says it wants to “see more customers playing Nintendo Switch and keep the momentum of our business going.” Setting the Switch down a second early is likely to kill that speed, and Nintendo seems to be very aware of that.

    Elsewhere in the financial briefing, Nintendo revealed that more than 330 million Nintendo Accounts have been created by September 2023, noting that “even in regions where Nintendo Switch is not sold, our mobile applications support the Nintendo Account system.” Reached a wide range of users. The world.” He says he will “work to further expand the Nintendo Account and make it an important business foundation for Nintendo in the future.”

    Within those 330 million Nintendo Accounts, 38 million members subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, and 117 million users play their Switch each year, highlighting the Switch’s legs as it enters its eighth year on the market.

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    How long do you think Nintendo will support the Switch after they release their next console? Let us know in the comments below!


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