How to Play Endless Mode in Tower Defense X – TDX Endless Mode Tips, Tricks, and More!


    TDX’s biggest update is finally here, bringing the long-awaited Endless mode to the game. So if you’ve ever wanted to play Tower Defense X with the Endless setting, here are all the tips and tricks you need to know.

    What is endless mode in Tower Defense X?

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    Endless mode is essentially the hardest game mode in Tower Defense X where your main objective is to defend your base from an infinite number of waves. You won’t find any final wave in this game mode and as a result, the fight continues.

    Previously, Tower Defense X used to have four different game modes: Easy, Intermediate, Elite and Expert. In these modes, TDX requires you to defend your base from enemies up to certain waves. For example, you’ll have to defend yourself from a whopping 28 non-stop waves full of challenging bosses and earn rewards.

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    How to start endless mode in Tower Defense X

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    To start Endless mode, simply teleport to any map on Tower X Defense from the map selection menu. Once you’re in the game, vote for Infinite difficulty when voting begins. If you play alone, the game will start instantly, but you will have to wait for the voting to finish if you play with other players.

    I highly recommend that you ask other TDX players to vote for Endless mode in the Roblox chat beforehand because you cannot recast the vote once the match starts. Besides that, the developers recommend players to play this mode on easy/simple maps like Apocalypse, Baseplate Toilet, Blox Out, and Oil Rig and avoid difficult maps.

    How to win endless mode in Tower Defense

    Simply put, there is no practical way to beat Endless mode, as it is designed to provide players with an endless stream of challenges. I played this game mode shortly after launch and somehow managed to reach wave 55 after seven attempts. Additionally, many players have reported that it is almost impossible to beat wave 120 as Tower Defense X sends an unbeatable boss, Calamity, to the ground.

    Fortunately, I have been able to discover some useful tips and tricks that can help you master Endless mode. Firstly, you can now use a variety of new power-ups in the game that have been explicitly introduced for this difficulty. These are special abilities that can save you when you run out of units, especially in difficult situations.

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    All power-ups in endless mode

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    Here is the list of power-ups available in Tower Defense X:

    • A-10 Attack: Two A-10s will cause massive damage to a selected area.
    • AC-130 Support: Deals damage to the first enemy for a total of 45 seconds.
    • Air attack: Fighter jets called in to deal splash damage to targets.
    • Raptor Storm: F-22 reports flight with incredible firepower
    • reconnaissance drone: Searches for stealthy enemies and reveals them for 3 minutes.
    • cash box: Throws a crash box at you, winning $1500
    • health fund: Calls up a health box, which grants 1000 HP instantly.
    • Healing field: A field to heal your towers constantly for 15 seconds.

    It’s no secret that towers are an essential part of Tower Defense X, helping you defeat zombies and defend your base. While there are several towers available in TDX, it is essential to find out which ones are best for Endless mode.

    The best tower for endless mode

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    I recommend unlocking the new one. golden giant, which is an upgraded version of the regular Juggernaut. The Golden Juggernaut tower costs a whopping 85,000 gold, so you’ll have to save resources for a long time if you want to get your hands on it.

    The unit has much higher damage, rate of fire, range, and bullet damage ability compared to the normal unit. Apart from this, you can also use new turrets like the Golden Ranger and the XWM Turret added in the v2.0.0 update.

    I couldn’t get past wave 30 when playing alone. So if you are someone looking to try this mode, I highly recommend playing with a squad to easily get through the initial waves and set a record.

    Endless mode becomes more difficult as you progress. At first you will face normal enemies, but after wave 35, you will encounter special bosses that are very difficult to beat.

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    All enemies in endless mode

    Eradicator MK IC, Eradicator MK IV, Calamity, and Apex Predator are the four new special bosses explicitly included in the TDX Endless mode. The developers have also introduced four new mini-bosses: Avatar, Eradidog, Hunter and Plague Guardian.

    Here is the complete list of Endless mode enemies along with their waves:

    Wave Enemy
    1 Contained light
    3 Heavy content
    4 Eliminator
    5 Mutant Xscientist
    6 prisoner
    9 xcientist
    eleven shock head
    13 Rough
    14 Armored tank
    19 Revived Mutated Zombie
    twenty-one plague doctor
    25 Spectrum
    27 Plague Doctor Revived
    30 Eradicator
    35 Predator
    35 Avatar
    35 Eradidog
    35 Hunter
    35 content
    63 Eradidog
    70 Hunter
    80 MK IC eradicator icon
    60 MK IV Eradicator
    fifty Apex predator
    70 Calamity

    As for rewards, TDX’s endless mode will reward you with a lot of gold, aka cash and XP, which you can eventually use to unlock new units and raise the power of your team. I highly recommend working this mode with the first two towers, Operator and Missile Soldier, and earning a lot of resources to unlock the new Towers.

    That’s everything you need to know about Endless Mode in Tower Defense Game Guides. .

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