All Reunion of Fire puzzle solutions in Reverse 1999


    Reverse 1999 version 1.5 adds a fun story and a very enjoyable event, but the puzzles can get a bit complicated the further in you progress. If you want to know all the Reunion of Fire puzzle solutions in Reverse 1999, then keep reading.

    How to solve all Reunion of Fire puzzles in Reverse 1999

    Reverse 1999 RF-2 Chattering Pebbles

    Watch out as the one block in front of the Guardians will lead to death in this event of Reverse 1999. You have to destroy them from the side. Once you’ve taken both of them out, head towards the first totem and light it.

    Image by MyFullGames

    When you light a totem, you’ll get a single long-range attack. You can go back a step and shoot the moving statue across from you for safe passage.

    Head up to the second totem first and you’ll get another fire attack. Shoot the left guardian and kill it. Now you can approach the second guardian from the side.

    Immediately move up to avoid getting killed by the moving guardian. Just go past it and towards the third totem.

    Reverse 1999 RF-3 The Ones Chasing the Flame

    The big trick of this level is the statue that gets up and starts moving towards you when you walk in front of it. That’s unavoidable here. You have to make it to the first totem fast, light it up, and shoot the statue.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Once you do, move toward the second totem to grab the fire attack and shoot the statue at the end. Now there’s another moving statue and a cracked panel in the middle of the path. You can step on it once, but the second time you step on it, you’ll fall in.

    This is the strategy you have to follow: Go to the cracked dirt, step on it, and go to the left. The statue will step on it and fall into the hole. Make sure you don’t take a step back, or you won’t be able to cross the hole and get to the last totem.

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    Reverse 1999 RF-4 Beyond the Flame

    Here’s where the levels start to get trickier. First, you can keep heading straight. Once the statue steps on the slate trap, it will get shot by crossbow arrows. Ulu won’t trigger it, so you can easily go over it. Head right until you get the first totem.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Don’t use the attack just yet! If you do, you’ll be stuck without a way to pass. The statue across from you will get up and start heading towards you. Get to the last block like in the image, then head back so that the statue follows you. The other statue will step on a different slate trap, activate it, and kill the tall statue.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Now, you need to time when you are going down the path as you can also get hit by arrows. Start going down when the moving statue is farthest to the right.

    Get onto the cracked ground which Ulu can’t trigger, and get close to the moving statue. Once it’s in range, shoot it, and you can now freely head to the second and last totem.

    Reverse 1999 RF-5 Within the Palm

    Ignore the statue that gets up and go in a straight line until you reach the first totem. You’ll be safe, as the statue will stay two blocks behind you.

    Image by MyFullGames

    When you get the fire, you might be tempted to shoot the one chasing you, but that’s not the strategy. Save the ammo and head for the statue to the right to kill it first. This will lead the tall statue down the cracked path with you as you head up to kill the other statue. Instead of going around the corner after you, the tall statue will head back the same way, going over the cracked ground and falling in.

    Now, go back towards the totem so that you can shoot the statue blocking your way. When you do, head down to kill the last statue. Step back to the previous row of blocks until you time the moving statue, and you can reach the last totem.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Reverse 1999 RF-6 Sugar and Salt

    Don’t be intimidated by the three moving statues. Immediately head to the left until you can get behind the rock to safety. You’ll have to be moving back and forth a bit until the third moving statue gets close to you. Once it starts walking away, you follow it to the first totem.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Now, save your attack and go back towards the moving statues. Go down before the third statue comes back and shoot the middle statue. Use this opportunity to rush immediately to the immovable statue and kill it. Just one extra step can kill you, so be careful.

    Once you get it, head up the middle path. You’ll have to go up and down a bit until the third statue passes and then you can head out. Now the timing is the trick.

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    First, you have to activate the tall statue when the moving statue is five steps away from the slate trap. This will perfectly time your run back up to safety while the statue is lined up for the kill.

    When you defeat this one, immediately head down and activate the second statue. This time, you won’t be able to make it all the way to the top, but you can hide safely in the middle path. After this statue is destroyed, head down and activate the second totem.

    Reverse 1999 RF-7 Morning Alarm

    Image by MyFullGames

    Head down in front of the tall statue to activate it. Head up until it crosses the slate trap and kills the guardian at the end of the path. Be aware that the moving statue at the bottom can also activate the slate trap so stick to the top path until it steps on it.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Once it does, you can go back down and grab the totem and the fire. Don’t use it yet! Head down and keep an eye on the moving statue. You have to time this right. The tall statue needs to be in the line of fire while you stay safe either above or below the two paths. When you take care of the tall statue, head to the moving statue and shoot it with the fire attack. After that, you can safely head to the totem.

    Reverse 1999 RF-SP-1 Preparing the Venue

    Image by MyFullGames

    For this level, you will use the statues to protect yourself from death. First, ignore the two tall statues and keep going towards the left cracked block. Then, step onto the right one and to safety. As you keep moving, both statues will fall in.

    Now, grab the totem fire and shoot the guardian in front of you. As you’ll see after, two slate traps will kill you if you step on them, but you need to step on them to reach the last totem. Time it so that the moving statue is in between you and the crossbow traps when you step on it. Just get to the totem and you’re good to go.

    Reverse 1999 RF-SP-2 Racewalking

    Image by MyFullGames

    Head to the right and follow the path from the image. Make sure you leave the cracked block closest to the guardians untouched so that you can escape later. Come from the side and destroy the two guardians before picking up the fire.

    Image by MyFullGames

    You can now shoot the second guardian across from you, before making your way to kill them off one by one. When you are done, you can grab the second and third totems.

    Image by MyFullGames

    With two fires, you can shoot the two guardians causing you the most issues. Once they are gone, it’s easy to get rid of the last two as well as pick up the last totem in this level of Reunion of Fire.

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    Reverse 1999 RF-SP-3 The People’s Games

    Image by MyFullGames

    Make your way down by killing guardians, just keep an eye on the moving statues. You might have to go back to a previous row to avoid getting killed by them. Once you pass the danger, grab the first totem.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Now, you want to wake up the tall statue by standing on the first block in front of it when the moving statue is at the top. As soon as it’s up, step on the block to the left. This ensures that the statue is right behind you so you can loop it around a rock twice while the moving statue shoots at the guardians by stepping on the trap slate.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Once you end the second loop, you should immediately head up. Shoot the moving statue when it crosses your path. If you timed it correctly, you should have enough time to get to the totem before the other moving statue steps on the trap slate again.

    Reverse 1999 RF-SP-4 Hearsay

    Image by MyFullGames

    The biggest trick on this level is timing your movement with the moving statue. Once you start, keep going as the timing is perfect to avoid all three crossbow traps. When you grab the totem, step on the cracked ground block and shoot at the guardian right across from you, as it’s blocking your path.

    Image by MyFullGames

    After you kill the first, go up and kill the second guardian from behind. Check if the moving statue is close to the trap. If it’s not, head up and grab the last totem.

    Reverse 1999 RF-SP-5 Safe Evacuation

    Image by MyFullGames

    For this level, you must sacrifice all the statues to get to safety. You want to step on the first trap when the moving statue is right in front of the crossbow trap. As you move up, the second moving statue will move up with you, protecting you from the second crossbow trap. Now, you are safe to go up and grab the first totem.

    Image by MyFullGames

    As soon as you grab the totem, shoot the guardian. This will release the moving statue. You should immediately head towards the trap slate so that you can step on it just as the moving statue is protecting you from the crossbow.

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    Image by MyFullGames

    Now the last obstacle is the tall statue. You want to make sure that it doesn’t cross the cracked ground. If it does, you’ll fall and won’t be able to make it to the totem. Step on the path in front of it first, then move one block closer to it. Once it moves closer to you, step toward the totem, and it will go in the same direction. Now it is out of the cracked ground path. You can either bait it to step on the slate trap or just shoot it with the fire attack.

    Reverse 1999 RF-SP-6 The Torch Relay

    You’ll step in front of the tall statue and it will start following you, but don’t stress about it. We first have to deal with the guardian below. Head down and kill it from the side.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Now, you’ll have the fire attack, but don’t use it on the tall statue. Instead, use it on the second guardian across the way who is blocking the path. With the path cleared, you can head across the cracked ground, and the tall statue will fall into the hole.

    Image by MyFullGames

    When you have the fire attack, the goal is to shoot the guardian blocking the moving statue. This way, it will keep stepping on the slate trap, taking out the four guardians that are blocking your way.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Once the path is clear, be careful, as the moving statue will come back towards the trap. You have to get onto it first. Once it’s in front of the crossbow traps, step on the slate trap to kill it.

    The only obstacle you have left is the tall statue. Step on the slate trap to activate it, but don’t head over to the second trap right away. If you do, then the tall statue will step on the button and kill you. You first have to get the statue one step behind you. When you do that, head over to the second slate trap to kill it. With the coast clear, you can head over to the totem and complete the final Reunion of Fire puzzle in Reverse 1999.

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