How to free Rattigan in No Rest For The Wicked


    As you progress through the main story of No Rest For The Wicked, you will eventually encounter a man named Rattigan, who is trapped in his wagon cell. You can free it, but it’s not immediately clear how you’re supposed to do it. Here’s what you need to know to do exactly that.

    Rattigan is a member of the Risen who was captured at some point during his arrival at Sacrament. He is a man who refuses to answer questions or cooperate with you in any way if you don’t first release him from his cell, and he tells you so.

    How to open Rattigan’s cell in No Rest For The Wicked (Map)

    To free Rattigan from his cell, you will need to obtain the Wagon cell key of a guard sent to wash in a fountain. The quest doesn’t detail exactly where this source is, but fortunately, it’s much closer than you think. The guard in question is located in the Northwest portion of Sacrament, just to the left of the main keep area.

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    Here you will find a large and unique fountain and a guard rests near it. This guard, for undisclosed reasons, cannot act against you, so feel free to approach him and make the decision. Wagon cell key from her body.

    Once you have the key, return to Rattigan’s cell and give him the key. Rattigan does not free himself immediately as that would draw the attention of the other guards stationed near him. Instead, he gives you an idea of ​​Risen’s whereabouts and tells you to meet him at the entrance of The black trench, a labyrinthine sewer beneath Sacrament. Doing this advances the main story, but it’s not timed, so feel free to continue it whenever you want.

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