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    – 12/2022 at 5:30 p.m. by Sara Petzold WoW Patch 10.0.5 brings a new feature into the game with the trading post, which you can use to unlock special cosmetic items in exchange for merchant currencies. We explain you exactly what the currency is like today.

    The first patch for WoW: Dragonflight will be released in February 2022 and is available on the public test server. There is also a key new feature that will be making debut with the update on the Dragon Islands, and the trading post. There, special merchants are selling special cosmetic items such as transmogs, mounts and pets in exchange for other currency. In the meantime we also know how you can get these trade currencies mentioned and that’s exactly what you had promised to explain.

    The WoW developers explained a few years ago that we can buy a currency for the trading station through diverse activities on the Dragon islands. But yet we didn’t know exactly which activities were involved, even though the corresponding files from the test server already contained the first clues. But now that WoW 10.0.5 has announced it will release the trading post in time for testing on the PTR, we can finally see how accurate we can buy the trading currencies at least now.

    Handling currencies are possible in virtually every work in WoW.

    That is what works like that: You’ll find in your Adventurers guide a new tab, namely the Travelers Log. All activities, with which you can receive cash, are recorded in this chart. As long as you do your homework, the bar in your logbook fills up by a number of points. You can receive the 100 cents of a thousand dollars per month when you get to five or five cents per cent increment. If you fill the bar completely, you will also receive a special item as a reward every month.

    Transmog weapons are sold through the trade place. [Quelle: buffed]

    One of the tasks that you can progress is::

    Quests, world quests and event in Dragonflight: If you complete two Great Hunts with the Maruuk centaurs, the bar in the log will fill by ten percent. Dungeons and robbery: All of the aforementioned actions grant you points for your log. There are 5 Crossfired Dungeons who fill the bar by 15 percent. Holidays: If a holiday event is active (as well as micro-holidays), there are some other activities that you can do for logbook progress.Pet fights: Everyone does a pet fight that doesn’t contain points in the logbook. With 15 wins, a double is 20 percent.PvP : Activities in PvP bring you progress, for example you get 20 percent progress in the log for seven thousand points of honor earned.Professions: The production of items or the execution of crafting tasks rewards you with progress in the log.Quests: Completing world quests gives you time for your logbook. Special tasks: activities that don’t fit to another category of tasks (including using emotes).

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    So you look at: The WoW developers won’t force you to complete a certain part of the work or to neglect other parts, should you stall business. This will give you progress towards your diary. We want to hear from you, what is your opinion of this concept?

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