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    Alan Wake 2 further unravels the mysteries of Alan Wake and its battle between realities, introducing new story elements, characters and more. With the addition of new faces to the game, we expect more actors to be added to the cast and I was excited to see some names we can all recognize. If you’re wondering who those great voices come from, check out the cast list below.

    Alan Wake 2 Main Cast List

    With the unique combination of live-action content with the game’s usual animation, we see a completely new type of atmosphere for the game and it also uses the cast differently. We will see some characters live, or because of their replicated facial features, while others simply because of their vocal talent. Take a look at the main characters introduced below.

    Matthew Porretto – Alan Wake (voice)

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    Matthew Porretto returns to reprise his role as the well-known voice of Alan Wake. He has voiced the character throughout the series, even voicing him to the live-action series. brilliant falls. Not only is he a big part of the Alan Wake universe, but he has also contributed to many more fantastic game titles like Control, Quantum Break, Red Dead Redemption, Starfield, and more.

    Ikka Villi – Alan Wake (Live)

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    Ikka Villi is the face of Alan Wake, not only in the games but also in live action. brilliant falls. We’ll see him again as the live-action Alan in Alan Wake 2 and as a model for Alan’s animated game character. Ikka is known for quite a few acting roles in television series, but he is newer to the world of video games.

    Melanie Liburd – Anderson Saga

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    Melanie Liburd plays Alan Wake 2’s new main protagonist, Saga Anderson, an FBI agent seeking to uncover the truth behind Alan Wake and cult activity. Although she has appeared in great television titles such as game of Thrones, Dark matter, The idoland We areThis is his first appearance in a video game.

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    Shawn Ashmore as Sheriff Tim Breaker

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    Shawn Ashmore is a very recognizable figure in all media, appearing in other well-known games such as Quantum Break and The Dark Pictures and series such as Boys, The noob, and more. He arrives in the world of Alan Wake as Sheriff Tim Breaker of the town of Bright Falls. His character has yet to be shown in trailers or trailers and remains a mystery until you dive into the game for yourself.

    David Harewood – Mr. Door

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    David Harewood plays Mr. Door in Alan Wake 2, a character who has been mentioned in previous games, such as Control, as a seemingly omnipresent figure who can travel between people’s realities and dreams. With this in mind, we can potentially see David play both an animated and live-action character in the experience. He has plenty of experience doing both, playing roles such as supergirl and The flash and giving voice to characters from other video games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Horizon Zero Dawn.

    James McCaffery – Alex Casey

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    James McCaffery is best known for his roles as Max Payne in the Max Payne game series, as well as his appearances on Control and many popular television series such as Blue blood, which shows that he plays an authoritative figure quite well. He will join Alan Wake 2 as FBI agent Alex Casey, partner of main protagonist Saga.

    Janina Gavankar – Agent Kiran Estevez

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    Janina Gavankar has been the face and voice of other recognizable video game characters, most notably as the main protagonist, Tanta Sila, in Forspoken. However, she also appeared in God of War: Ragnarok and Borderlands and also in many television series. She plays a minor role in Alan Wake 2 as another FBI agent, Kiran Estevez.

    Martti Suosalo – Ahti

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    Even the minor characters really create Alan Wake’s unique environments, and this is again demonstrated by the addition of popular Finnish actor and producer Martti Suosalo. He reprises his role as Ahti, as seen in the previous game, Control. He can be seen performing on stage in certain parts of the game.

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    Poets of the Fall – Old Gods of Asgard

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    Another exciting addition to the cast is iconic Finnish metal band Poets of the Fall, who played the fictional band Old Gods of Asgard, founded by Alan Wake characters Tor and Odin Anderson, in the previous Alan Wake games, and additional members, Bob. Balder and Loki darken. They will appear again in Alan Wake 2 as the same band, but, according to Sam Lake, “younger versions at the peak of their power.” We will be introduced to many new songs and special Easter egg moments during the experience.

    Additional voices and cast

    There are plenty of other additional voices added to the experience, with each interesting character introduced into the story, whether they be short roles or important ones to the story. With the unique multimedia twist, we will be able to see a mix of scenes from live actors along with animated characters with voices. He makes fun of Sam Lake himself for appearing in small clips of colliding realities.

    All of these actors do a lot to make Alan Wake the mysterious and lively world that it is, giving us well-delivered voices and realistic-looking characters. You’ll be able to watch them come to life and learn more about each individual as you immerse yourself in the experience.

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