How to play Blast Ball in Fall Guys


    Blast Balls is a fast-paced game mode in Fall Guys. This mode pits players against each other in an explosive match of dodgeball. Things can get pretty chaotic in Blast Balls, which may leave you wondering how to play and earn Blast Balls in Fall Guys.

    Blast Ball is a simple game mode in Fall Guys. the goal is knock down your opponents the sand using the exploding balls. Once picked up, they will blink and flash for about five seconds, then blow. You can launch these balls by walking forward and releasing the grab button. You can also jump to throw it further.

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    Jumping has its downside; if you are in the air, the explosion will push you further. You can also get hit by the balls before they explode. The round will end when enough players have been eliminated.

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    How to Earn Blast Ball in Fall Guys

    To earn Blast Ball, you must Balance your offensive and evasive abilities.. Keep an eye out for any Bean near an edge when trying to take down other players. Time the Blast Ball’s explosion to detonate just as it hits them, as this doesn’t give them time to move away. Blast Balls will be more effective against players in the air either Lying down the landso these are key goals.

    Don’t focus too much on offense and player removal. Sometimes it’s better to just avoid Blast Balls until there are only a few beans left. Avoid being close to the edges, and watch out for the falling platforms. As the round progresses, the arena gets smaller, making it easier to drop. You will also need to prevent other players from grabbing you and trying to push you out of the arena.

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