Ashfall is the principal of MMO shooters, but he is an expert on his bosses’ progress


    Do you remember Hazelnut? The MMORPG is self-described adventure shooter, which originated in the late 1980s in a post-apocalyptic place where players take up the role of a Wanderer tasked with leaving the security of a vault in search of the Core of Creation, a human body to save. Our video game has been updated since September this year and it has shared one of the dev blogs a month later.

    Were circling back around for this one, and keep on keeping on with the updates, as there were some more previews of games mechanics. Recent blogs showcase a companion pc that lets players share their AI friend tag, a video preview of some weak point mechanics for bosses which players can exploit to deal big damage or interrupt a battle, and a personal base view of a custom flimsy that lets players unlock and decorate their own home in a warteland.

    Ashfall hasn’t yet set up its plans for mobile and PC and will be completed sometime later this year, but a tweet, an end-of-year tweet promises to continue to work on a beta test. There are dev blogs and a preview of the above-seen boss mechanics after the break.

    Twitter, TapTap, 1.


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