One Piece: But not conceited the anime has become more and more story


    The One Piece anime runs since October 1999, so it runs for over 23 years now! In this way, more than 100 years of the frightened pirates, are available now. Some fans have watched the anime for more than two decades, so it’s easy to feel nostalgic. How good the show was at the age of 18. That might be a rose-tinted glass. But perhaps not. The Reddit user took a close look and learned to think that the manga turned out to be better reimagined than a manga in the past? At least one respect: how many kilograms have been implemented each year?

    One Piece: The manga has the full body and, in one bite, special stories.

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    The user, simple named One_Piece01, published a post on the subreddit that illustrated his own research: how many chapters of the manga were adapted into anime in the year? I see an easy progress with the announcement of this film in 2016, because the effects of Kovid in 2020 and the impact of a hack in 2022.

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    Although average is 42,58 chapters per year, at least 40 were completed until 2018 and before. Toei Animation have realized that a whopping 79 episodes were broadcast as anime episodes for the first time.

    How long are the Five Piece story stories ranked?

    There aren’t many people anymore. Instead the anime makers merely stretch the story of this manga. Because of this, it often seems like hardly anything happens in a scene, attacks are charged or blocked endlessly, and the camera spends considerable time showing people with dexterous faces.

    How long does Wanoarc be in the ark?

    While some viewers think that the current pacing, also the volume of narrative, will make the Wano arc last until 2024, a creator reassures them:

    Henry Thurlow is one of the hardworking artists who have animated scenes in One Piece Film RED and presently in the Wano arc. Source: @henry_thurlow.

    So, the story in the kingdom of Wano could end in 2023. That would be achievable at a rate of 34 chapters per year. This story is not a quick twist of the story, when we look at it.

    But what do you think of that? Is the pacing in the One Piece anime still possible for you? Or is that why you have been a more or less mature manga-only fan of One Piece, who likes to read new chapters every week?


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