How to pass the skate park challenge in High on Life


    High on Life has many different areas for players to complete mini-games and earn different types of rewards. Of these many areas, there is one known as the Trick Daddy Skate Park. Here you can talk to teenagers sitting on the edge of an empty pool. They’ll ask you to entertain them because they’re teenagers, and the only way to do that is to perform really cool skateboarding tricks. To satisfy them, you need to earn a total of 42,069 points skating around the park the same way you would in the old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. But, that score seems really high. So, can you really pass the skate park challenge in High on Life?

    Can you pass the skate park challenge?

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    It may take you a few tries, but it can definitely happen the skate park challenge. You won’t be given a skateboard, so you’ll have to make do with skateboard sound effects and a new UI that counts your points. If you skate, you’ll find that you’ll earn points for just about anything, including jumping and latching onto critters above you. In order to reach the big score above, you must focus on hook bugs. You’ll want to pay attention to where they are and latch on to them, hover in the air, and latch on again before landing on the ground. This will increase your multiplier for that specific trick, bringing you closer to the goal with each jump.

    How do you access the skate park?

    The skate park is an area that can only be accessed via the corresponding Warp Disc. Warp disks can be purchased at bloto in blim city. You will have access to it shortly after completing the 9-Torg bounty. You will have to change the warp crystals you find to buy the selection it has. You can find Warp Crystals in every level of the game after going inside the machines that have the crystals locked inside. You will need to defeat all the enemies in the area for these machines to unlock.

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