How to perform tricks on Dirt Bike in Fortnite


    In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, Epic Games added several new items, including new POIs, weapons, utility items, and vehicles. The Dirt Bike is one of the new vehicles added to the game and is available at all major POIs and waypoints. Players must know how to perform tricks while driving this vehicle. Here’s how to find and earn trick points with a dirt bike in Fortnite.

    How to get trick points using a dirt bike in Fortnite

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    You can find Dirt Bikes on the map and you have to complete various missions while riding these vehicles. For example, one of the Winterfest 2022 missions requires players to earn trick points using a dirt bike. Stunts can earn trick points, and are best performed in hilly areas. To perform a trick on a dirt bike, simply press Change for the keyboard and Circle either B. for drivers while driving the vehicle. You will notice a lot of XP boost on your screen when performing these stunts.

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    The best locations to find dirt bikes are:

    • Feudal Fuel landmarks north of The Citadel.
    • Fishsticks’ Boat Race milestones south of Faulty Splits.
    • fields of frenzy
    • Point of interest of shattered slabs.

    You also can spam the jump button weather holding down the cheat button to accumulate more points quickly. Although this makes the vehicle move slowly, it allows you to get maximum points in a short time. You will find various Dirt Bikes in these areas and you can start performing tricks on the nearby hills. One of the best places to perform tricks with Dirt Bikes is the Icy Islets landmark to the east of Brutal Bastion. Here you will find various ramps that you can use to propel the Dirt Bike into the air. The Winterfest quest for Dirt Bikes is divided into five stages and completing each stage rewards players with 16,000 XP. Complete all of these challenges to quickly progress through the Battle Pass and get all the free rewards from this festive event.

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