All Fallout 4 DLC Ranked from Worst to Best


    Featuring some of the most immersive RPG narratives ever, each title in Bethesda’s Fallout franchise stands proud in its own right. This is further reinforced by its exemplary DLC. Fallout 4 also included several different DLCs and we have decided rank them from worst to bestbased on our experiences.

    Ranking all Fallout 4 DLC

    Below we’ve listed the six DLCs that have been released for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 since its debut in 2015. They were originally provided in the form of two Season Pass packs, the first costing $29.99 USD and the second costing $49.99 USD. Now you can purchase each of them separately from the digital store of your platform.

    We’ve ranked them from worst to best, in terms of overall experience and whether they’re worth downloading.

    6 – Gadgets Workshop

    Image via Bethesda Games

    Our list starts with some DLC that, frankly, shouldn’t be designated as DLC. He “gadget workshop” is one of three workshop add-ons for Fallout 4 and the fourth overall DLC to be released for the game.

    This very basic DLC provides players with some manufacturing-themed items and blueprints to give their settlements a more factory-themed look. Structures such as warehouses, conveyors, and scaffolding are the most important options, while others such as forges, power conduits, and truss frames are also included.

    Overall, this was probably the most disappointing DLC ​​of the bunch, with many of the items in question not being very engaging or useful, even for settlement fans. Steam reviews are largely negative, emphasizing that such core content should have been part of the main game.

    5 – Wasteland Workshop

    Image via Bethesda Games

    While legitimately interesting in concept, the “Wasteland Workshop” Unfortunately, the DLC didn’t fare well in execution. Along with a handful of other settlement decorations, the main feature of this workshop addon is capturing beasts (and even raiders) around the Commonwealth in handcrafted cages, taming them, and pitting them against each other in an arena-like environment.

    As cool as it may seem, for a provider of quality entertainment in a nuclear wasteland, the process itself is poorly designed, tedious, and ultimately anticlimactic. The materials needed to craft the cages are ridiculously hard to come by, meaning you can’t just raid the entire Commonwealth whenever you want.

    Taming beasts is tricky at best, as is arena fighting. The appeal fades quickly when the AI ​​doesn’t perform as expected and the entire process is more discouraging than motivating. That said, at least the wall-mounted trophies make for a nice display.

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    4 – Vault-Tec Workshop

    Image via Bethesda Games

    “Vault-Tec Workshop” is the third workshop add-on and fifth DLC released for Fallout 4. It seemed like a surprising conceptual departure from the game’s previous DLCs and almost everything else in the franchise so far. In the end, that turned out to be a half-truth.

    In this particular addon, players have the opportunity to enter Vault 88 and rebuild the entire underground sanctuary from scratch. Likely intended to establish a new dynamic for the settlement building system already in the game, this puts the infrastructure of a vault completely in your hands, free to create your own human social experiment.

    At first glance, it seems like a very interesting and engaging style of additional content to immerse yourself in for hours on end. However, like the game’s other workshop-type DLC, the idea falls flat once you start digging into it. The reward for meticulously cleaning and rearranging an entire vault is surprisingly slim and disappointing, and the options to shape various spaces to personal preferences could be better.

    Ironically, this was released alongside FTP (free-to-play). Fallout Shelter mobile game, which was conceptually the same. Since then, it has expanded to multiple platforms and grown to become one of Bethesda’s most successful Fallout projects. Basically, it needed to stand on its own and not as a bystander mission in an already huge game.

    3 – automaton

    Image via Bethesda Games

    “Automaton” was the first DLC released for Fallout 4, and honestly, it wasn’t a bad start to the sequence of add-ons that would follow.

    It’s a pretty unique type of DLC compared to the others on the list. At the forefront is the story content, with an entertaining antagonist known as The Mechanist. They decide to unleash “a horde of evil robots on the Commonwealth,” which means it’s up to the Sole Survivor to go out and deal with them and his robotic brain.

    Perhaps the most exciting part of the DLC, however, is the creative reward of chasing down and destroying fleets of rebel robots, from Protectrons to Assaultrons, Sentry Bots and, of course, Mr Handys. You can then collect the remains of your enemies and use them to build your own custom mechanical robot that can serve as a reliable companion as you travel through the wastelands.

    While it’s not very innovative in terms of story or overall content, it is a fun DLC that encourages creative creation beyond simple settlement building.

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    2 – Nuka-World

    Image via Bethesda Games

    “Nuka-Mundo” was the sixth and final DLC content released for Fallout 4 (excluding the high-resolution texture pack released for PC in 2017). Visiting a giant Nuka-Cola-themed amusement park that somehow managed to survive the nuclear apocalypse is exciting in itself, and the DLC has plenty to keep Sole Survivors busy.

    At the same time, the experience you get with Nuka-World can be very polarizing, depending on what your end goals are. This is because Nuka-World is run by a large faction of Raiders, and navigating the park can be treacherous unless you choose to side with them. Doing so will unlock a ton of colorful new settlement-building options, and you’ll be able to embark on quests that will help you explore every corner of this new area more easily.

    However, at the same time, siding with the Raiders means that your reputation in main map settlements like Good Neighbor and Diamond City will be significantly affected. You may lose companions you had built trust with and be forced to plunder places that once gave you shelter.

    It’s a considerable risk if you prefer to play with Good Karma, but a bigger prize if you opt for a devious life in the wastelands. Nuka-World is a crazy theme park where you can let your bad karma inhibitions fly and live in the moment without consequences. That should probably be a disclaimer.

    1 – Far Harbor

    As most veteran Fallout players would agree, “Distant port” is by far the best DLC released for Fallout 4, period. A mysterious new case from Nick Valentine’s detective agency has you traveling to Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine, a spooky new location that ticks almost all the boxes you’d have for further post-apocalyptic exploration. .

    The case takes you to the Nakano residence in the northeast corner of the map, and then to search for his missing daughter. Then, a boat ride will take you to the fantastic surroundings of Mount Desert Island. Deliciously sinister and shrouded in fog, the quests in this new area will take you through eerie seaside locations and deeper into forests and swamps.

    The fallout hit this area especially hard and gave way to some terrifyingly mutated crustacean beasts, like the Fog Crawlers (seen above). On top of that, the Sole Survivor has to deal with ongoing conflicts between a colony of synths, the Children of Atom, and the locals caught in the middle.

    With a strong focus on story expansion, Far Harbor was the most immersive and well-constructed DLC for Fallout 4, reminiscent of the most acclaimed DLC released in previous games like Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

    This concludes our list of all Fallout 4 DLC, ranked from worst to best. We hope you enjoyed reading. Let us know which of the DLCs in this game you personally liked the most or least.

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