How to Make Skewer and Fish Soup in Wuthering Waves


    With a game as massive as Wuthering Waves, there are bound to be complicated quests, and one of them is The Past is the Future. During this quest, you will get the objective of cooking a skewer and a fish soup, but neither dish is named after that, so this guide will teach you how to prepare them in Wuthering Waves.

    How to Cook Skewer and Fish Soup for the Past is the Future quest in Wuthering Waves

    If you notice, the mission objectives say “a” skewer and “a” fish soup, which means thatYou don’t have to prepare any specific dish and you can cook any dish that fits this category.. The two easiest dishes you can cook to complete this goal are Jinzhou Skweres and Fish soup with milk.

    How to Cook Jinzhou Skweres in Wuthering Waves

    You will need x2 Meat and x1 lemon grass to make the Jinzhou Skweres. You can get meat by killing any animal, such as a cow or rabbit that roams the world, and Lemongrass is easily found on the plains near the target area in Wuthering Waves.

    How to Cook Milk Fish Soup in Wuthering Waves

    Lastly, fish soup with milk requires x1 Perilax1 Angelicaand x1 Fish. To get the first two ingredients, head to Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou and buy them there if you don’t have them already. Fish are abundant in rivers or small bodies of water, and you can get close to them and catch them.

    The past is the future is a tedious search, but it helps you achieve it. XP to increase your union level. After making some progress, I was confused when it came time to do some cooking, but there was an easy solution to use other dishes. The objective highlights a general type of food need that can be satisfied using any other skewer dish and fish soup dish.

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