Everything included in the Madden and College Football 25 bundle


    EA Sports College Football 25 is really starting to take shape with a trailer, pre-order editions, and a surprise bundle with the upcoming Madden 25. The College Football and Madden 25 bundle features a ton of gameplay elements and improvements that can really make a difference in various game modes.

    What do you get with the Madden and College Football 25 bundle?

    The bundle includes Madden 25 Deluxe Edition and College Football 25 Deluxe Edition, and is available to pre-order now for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 for $149.99 USD.

    EA Sports College Football 25 Deluxe Edition items

    College Football 25 will be released on July 18, 2024. The package includes the following:

    • 3-Day Early Access July 16-18
    • 4600 college football points
    • Heisman Hopeful Ultimate Team Pack (choice of 1 player item from 5)
    • Alma Mater Ultimate Team Pack (choice of 1 player item from 134)
    • Cover Athlete Ultimate Team Pack (choice of 1 player item from 3)
    • Wears the Glory Home Ultimate Team uniform

    Madden NFL 25 Deluxe Edition Items

    • 3-Day Early Access August 13-15
    • 4600 Madden Points
    • Early access to Ultimate Team challenges
    • Gamer Item aka
    • Cover Athlete Elite Player Article
    • Exclusive Elite Player Item Pack
    • Choice of 2 strategy elements
    • Superstar Drip Equipment
    • Legendary XP Boost

    What’s interesting about the Madden/College Football 25 bundle is that the release dates for both titles are about a month apart, so players will have plenty of time to enjoy the College Football 25 game before the release of Madden 25. available after the College Football 25 reveal trailer, which is before Madden 25’s official reveal on June 11, 2025, much closer to the release of College Football 25.

    College Football’s gameplay elements reveal a bit about Ultimate Team’s game modes, as it appears to be very similar to Madden, including the Player Choice packs. It will be interesting to see what cards are available for the Deluxe Edition, as college football players may have a different rating than players in Madden titles.

    Madden 25 Deluxe Edition’s rewards are more vague, which makes sense since Madden is releasing much later than College Football 25. One interesting reward that appears on the Madden 25 roster is the Ultimate Team Early Access Challenges. While Madden has always relied on microtransactions in Ultimate Team mode, providing access to exclusive challenges for the Deluxe Edition gives players with more money an even bigger advantage to get started. However, the bundle is well worth the $149.99 price tag because each game will be sold separately for $70 USD, so the rewards received along with both games in the bundle are a great deal.

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