How to Make a Perfect Stop on Stellar Blade


    Parrying is an important combat aspect in Stellar Blade and in this guide I will teach you how to perform a perfect parry and excel in every fight.

    Stellar Blade Perfect Parry Guide

    To execute a perfect parry in Stellar Blade, you must press the button stop button Precisely before an enemy’s attack makes contact. Each type of enemy has different attack patterns. Familiarizing yourself with these patterns is crucial, as some attacks can have misleading results that can throw off your rhythm. Practice focusing on enemy movements to anticipate attacks more accurately.

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    Parrying is a fundamental defensive technique for EVE. Unlike dodging, which can put you at a disadvantage, parrying provides a safer and more reliable means of deflecting enemy attacks. A big advantage of performing Perfect Parry is Retribution, which provides the opportunity to perform a quick follow-up attack that deals a lot of damage (usually killing lesser mobs).

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    How to get the perfect parry skill in Stellar Blade

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    EVE can acquire the Perfect Parry ability at any time. Supply Camp within the game by accessing the skill configuration kiosk. This skill is part of Survival Skill tree, located on the top branch, which also leads to advanced counterattack skills, crucial for later stages of the game. Training and honing this skill in a virtual reality (VR) environment within these camps offers a risk-free practice environment, ensuring players can perfect their timing without the immediate threats of combat.

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