How to make a blue and silver balloon arch in Dreamlight Valley



    Disney Dreamlight Valley includes hundreds of crafting recipes for items you can create from your crafting table, made with items found throughout your valley. Some of these crafting recipes can get lengthy and take a bit of effort to complete, like the blue and silver balloon arch. You’ll need to be able to build one if you want to complete Buzz Lightyear’s level 10 friendship quest. Here’s how to make a blue and silver balloon arch at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue and Silver Balloon Arch Crafting Recipe

    To create a blue and silver balloon arch, you will need to find the recipe in the Furniture tab of your crafting menu. It requires the following items:

    • 10 Iron Ingots (made from 50 Iron Ore and 10 Coal Ore)
    • 20 Blue Falling Penstemon (found in the Square)
    • 20 Blue Star Liles (found in the Forest of Valor)
    • 20 Blue Marsh Milkweed (found in the clear trust)

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    Finding 20 of each flower type is probably the most time-consuming activity, as flowers can only be harvested as they spawn in each biome. You’ll likely find about four or five of the flowers you need each time you search a biome. Hanging out with a Disney friend that increases the quest won’t give you a chance to harvest extra flowers, unfortunately.

    To find Iron Ore, the best thing to do is mine in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust Biomes, where you’ll probably also be harvesting flowers.

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