How to get a spark of wit in WoW Dragonflight


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    Sparks of Wits are a key ingredient in crafting and obtaining some of the most powerful items in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The items in question are so powerful that you might think that obtaining these Sparks is difficult. Fortunately, anyone can get them, and they’re easy to get, with one caveat. Here’s how to get a spark of wit in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

    Getting your first spark of wit in Dragonflight

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    To get your first Spark of Ingenuity for your high-tier crafts, complete the Dragonflight campaign, specifically, the part involved with unlocking the Innovation Engine located in the Bronze Enclave within Valdrakken. A maiden, guarding the Innovation Engine, will ask you to complete a fairly simple challenge within Azure Span. If you complete this and come back, you will get your first Spark of Wits.

    Getting your second Spark of Wits

    To get your second Spark of Ingenuity, once again, head over to the Innovation Engine. The Maiden who oversees the machine will have a new campaign mission for you that will send you to the Plains of Ohn’ahran for another challenge. Like the first one, this challenge is extraordinarily simple and can be completed in a time frame of 10-15 minutes. Completing this challenge and returning to the Maiden will reward you with your second Spark of Wits.

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    The warning with sparks of wit

    If you won and used both of your Wit Sparkles, the bad news here is that there are currently no other means of obtaining them anymore. This is because the first five Sparks of Wits you can get in Dragonflight have a time limit. Every two weeks, the maiden who guards the Engine of Innovation will present a new simple challenge that will allow you to earn a new spark, but in the meantime, you’ll have to wait to get a new one.

    After these five have been obtained, all subsequent Sparks will come from doing literally any activity in WoW Dragonflight, randomly. Similar to how legendary items worked and dropped in WoW Legion, Sparks of Ingenuity will be extremely rare drops from doing anything in Dragonflight. The expectation is that you will only get one Spark every few weeks after the acquisition of the fifth Spark, so it is important to put the guaranteed five you can get to good use. We’ll update this guide with each new Spark addition, so rest assured we’ve got you covered.

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