Is Madden 23 Down? How to check EA server status


    Every multiplayer game depends on the quality of the servers, as you don’t want to get kicked out in the middle of the match. That’s especially the case if you’re playing popular games like Madden 23. Prepare for these situations by checking EA’s server status. This is just one of the solutions available to you if Madden 23 is not working.

    How to check server status in Madden 23

    There are several ways you can try to resolve the server status issue in Madden 23, regardless of whether you play soccer on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation:

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    • Open fall detector Y fall inspector sites to check if other players have similar problems.
    • check the Playstation Network Service Status either Xbox Live service status to confirm that everything is working from your end.
    • Check the official Twitter account for Madden 23 game updates @MaddenNFLDirect to make sure that the problem with Madden 23 is related to the game.
    • Please wait a bit as there is server maintenance or they are overcrowded. In both cases, all you can do is wait for EA’s servers to come back up.
    • If everything seems fine, try one of those Hail Marry passes by rebooting your computer and restarting the game.

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