How to like a game on Roblox


    Roblox wouldn’t be the powerhouse of a platform it is today without its players, and it’s no secret that those players are the ones who decide which experiences reach the upper echelon of popularity through the use of views, favorites, and likes.

    When a gamer like you or me finds an experience we enjoy, the best way to show our support for that experience is to give it a Like, which will show the developer that we care about their content and will support them in the future.

    How to like an experience in Roblox

    Liking experiences in Roblox is exceptionally easy and painless, and can be done in just a few steps. First, you will need to access the game page for the experience you want to like. Then, once there, look for the big green play button to the right of the experience’s featured image. Below this play button are four more buttons: a star for favorites, a satellite for sharing, and two pointed thumbs for likes and dislikes.

    Image via Toilet Tower Defense, edited by MyFullGames

    To like an experience, click the thumbs up icon. Doing so will turn dark gray, which means you liked the experience. That’s all about it!

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    Image from MyFullGames

    Below the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons is a bar with numbers on each end; This allows players to know how many likes and dislikes an experience has. As you would expect, the number under the thumbs up button is the number of likes the experience has, and the number below the thumbs up button is the number of dislikes it has.

    Image from MyFullGames


    That’s all for this quick guide on how to like experiences in Roblox. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see all the experiences you’ve liked in your profile settings like you can with favorites, so if you’re hoping to use this feature to save an experience for later, mark it as a favorite!

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