All Alan Wake 2 trophies and achievements: how to get them


    Alan Wake 2 features a deeper dive into the story, completely new characters and settings, and while surviving the Dark Place is an achievement in itself, there are also many other achievements you can acquire along the way.

    No matter which platform you choose to experience the game, you can collect trophies or achievements as you play by completing certain tasks. Take a look at the full list of them below.

    List of all Alan Wake 2 trophies and achievements

    While others will be simple tasks like completing chapters, others will be specific tasks that you have to perform during combat or in the world around you. Take a good look at the list below before jumping into the game to make sure you can collect them all.

    SPOILERS WARNING: Some of these trophies and achievements may be spoilers if you haven’t reached a certain point in the game yet. Continue at your own risk!

    Trophy/Achievement How to get it
    Escape from its gravity Use a handheld flare to escape enemy prey.
    stop the monster Interrupts the relocation attempt of a Throw performed with Flashlight’s boost
    Awesome visits Stun an enemy with a Flashbang
    Shining in the night Light a handheld flare to keep enemies at bay.
    Coffee-themed fun Shoot Mr. Drippy or any other cardboard cutout in Coffee World
    Filling the form Place a Charm in all the slots of the bracelet.
    rustic charm Find all the charms
    Back to life Wear a coffee cup amulet to avoid defeat
    The beautiful things in life Mayer Setter Pet
    strange reality Solve five nursery rhyme puzzles
    I’ll find you Find all the nursery rhyme dolls
    Change in reality Complete all nursery rhyme puzzles.
    The Koskela brothers Watch all the Koskela brothers commercials
    The writer’s trail Watch all the videos of the writer’s trip
    Ready for a fight Find the hunting rifle
    Bring it Find the sawed-off shotgun
    Stop there Find the pump action shotgun
    Greatest Hits Find the crossbow
    Find the light Find the flashlight and the revolver.
    Lights shining Find the flare gun
    Yippee yay Ki Find the double barreled shotgun
    find a way Find the screwdriver
    Shorten Find the bolt cutters
    Everything accounted for Find all the weapons for both characters.
    Getting stronger Upgrade any weapon once
    all smiles Fully upgrade a single weapon
    grew bigger Update inventory size
    pointing forward Defeat five enemies with headshots.
    gone forever Defeat an enemy with an explosion.
    in one go Defeat an enemy with a single crossbow shot.
    This is the moment Dodge at the last minute to avoid any enemy attacks.
    He chased the fountain Destroy a source point
    coiled darkness Destroy a shield of darkness
    lawyer Defeat the nightingale
    The best of Bright Falls Defeat Mulligan and Thornton.
    girl in love Defeat Cynthia
    full of rage Defeat Scratch
    storm cloud Escape from the dark presence
    It felt good Use a healing item
    coffee thermos Discover a rest room
    carry your words Discover a word of power
    secret hiding places Discover a Cult Stash and a Lunch Box
    Hidden by the trees Find all Cult Stashes and Lunchboxes
    It’s not the last Pick up the first page of the manuscript.
    nightmare territory Pick up a map
    Hunting season Complete ‘The Cult’ chapter
    Someone is at home Complete the ‘Invitation’ chapter
    On the overlay Complete the ‘The Heart’ chapter.
    back in water Complete the ‘Local Girl’ chapter.
    We look into the night Complete the chapter “No chance”
    The ancient gods Complete the ‘Old Gods’ chapter.
    Seeing double Complete the ‘Scratch’ chapter
    Rock n’Roll, baby Complete the ‘Summon’ chapter
    The last deer festival Complete the ‘Deerfest’ chapter
    End of the road Complete the “Come Home” chapter.
    Talk show Complete the ‘Late Night’ chapter.
    NY Complete the ‘Casey’ chapter
    Return Complete the “Disturbing” chapter
    All his life Complete the chapter ‘We sing’
    In a luxury hotel Complete the ‘Room 665’ chapter.
    Told and retold Complete the ‘Return’ chapter
    Behind the masks Complete the ‘Masks’ chapter
    The cult of the world Complete the ‘Zane’s Movie’ chapter.
    Your departure Complete the ‘Missing’ chapter
    History comes true Complete Alan Wake 2

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    Earning achievements and trophies isn’t necessary to complete the game, but it’s a nice boast to show off your hard work and, if you’re like me, 100% of the game at its full potential. If you don’t get them all on your first playthrough, come back and try again.

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